June 22, 2024

Review completed by Ben Devore, Illinois

Sprinnerbait reviewWith shad moving up shallow water to start spawning, spinnerbaits as well as buzzbaits can be a key to success when fishing for bass this time of year. Throwin’ Thunder Lure Company makes spinnerbaits and a unique buzzbait, I was fortunate enough to give some of their products a try. The overall appearance seem to be good, appeared to be similar to every other spinnerbait. Some positive components are: a ball bearing swivel for the main blade, good quality skirt material and a titanium wire.

spinnerbait reviewHowever through normal use I had a few problems with the durability of the hooks as well as the wire. The hooks would bend very easily from getting caught in weeds. The wires would bend as well, in my experience titanium wires usually do not bend at all.

Otherwise they held up well to “accidental” casts on some rocks. Throughout the day I determined that the spinnerbaits ran best through grass and some weeds, the design of the head shed weeds away from the bait.

photo 1Buzzbaits can be a key lure for morning and evening bites in the upcoming months. Throwin’ Thunder produces a dual bladed buzzbait that produces double the action and noise. This buzzbait is constructed of the same material as the spinnerbaits, I had no problems with the durability with the buzzbait. It had two mini floats that made the bait easier to keep on the surface as well as allow a slower retrieve.

buzzbait reviewI liked the buzzbaits much better than the spinnerbaits for the ease of use and function. The blades produced a massive amount of action and I had nice blowups on it. I had the best luck in shallow calm water typical places for buzzbaits. I ran it over water that was about 5-8 feet deep to see if the extra action would draw fish up, I had minimal success.

Find more information about Throw ‘N Thunder on their website thrownthunderlures.com, Facebook and Twitter

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