July 23, 2024

Advertising Rates

Advertising Rates that are affordable and targeted towards the outdoor community. Reach the audience you want with AverageOutdoorsman.com.

advertising rates

 Why Advertise With Average Outdoorsman

AverageOutdoorsman.com offers its readers a wide range of topics from hunting, fishing, cooking, camping and more.  This brings a large variety of readers to the website. Place your ads in front of a diverse audience of Sportsmen or target a select region that will benefit your business the greatest. With advertising rates this low and to such a large number of viewers your advertising on AverageOutdoorsman.com will pay for itself several times over.

AverageOutdoorsman.com is now offering key banner placement opportunities for companies to reach out to potential customers that already have interest in the outdoors market.  You can pick one spot, pick two or pick 5, you have all the options and prices get lower the more you pick.  We even offer geo-targeted ad placement and CPM pricing.  Don’t forget our newsletter and even options to take advantage of our social media outlets.  AverageOutdoorsman can help with it all. Check out our advertising rates below:

Packaged Banner Plans
Bundle multiple banners throughout the site and save.
Pick any banners and combine them for discounts❖ 2 Banners = 5% off
❖ 3 Banners = 8% off
❖ 4 Banners = 10% offAll Extended Banner Plans:6 Months, 15% off. 12 Month 20% off

New banner options on AverageOutdoorsman.com

Header728x90, appears on every page
Sidebar 300×250, appears on every page*

Contact for you to request our advertising rates and any other information.

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