May 17, 2024
12V Portable Fridge

BougeRV, known for its tough and efficient outdoor products, has launched an astonishing overland fridge, the Rocky 12V Portable Fridge, elevating the experience for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. This unveiling launch took place at the Adventure Van Expo, where the Rocky demonstrated its advanced cooling technologies and rugged design tailored to extreme conditions.

The Rocky 12V Portable Fridge boasts a Dual-zone cooling option, which provides users with independent temperature control. It also contains a unique two-way door design that allows the fridge to open in narrow spaces. Moreover, this fridge introduces smart home compatibility, enabling seamless integration into mobile living spaces with its innovative features, something every tech-savvy adventurer is looking for these days.

Expo attendees experienced directly first-hand the Rocky fridge’s capabilities, proof of its ruggedness and durability. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures, it features a robust metal casing and shockproof design. It can tolerate up to 40-degree tilts, making it ideal for rough terrain.

The Rocky fridge is a marvel of advanced technology–it employs cutting-edge cooling technology, allowing it to function as both a refrigerator and a freezer. It features dual-zone capabilities for versatile storage and an easy-to-clean surface that resists fingerprints and stains, enhancing its usability in outdoor environments.

This fridge supports a variety of power solutions, including a built-in battery system and optional solar panel connectivity, catering to the needs of the eco-conscious traveler. It also offers a smart control app and a high-resolution LED display, which allows users to monitor and adjust settings remotely, providing convenience and control.

Key features of the Rocky 12V Portable Fridge include the following:

  • Dual and single-zone cooling options
  • Robust build capable of supporting up to 664 lbs
  • Advanced power solutions, including solar compatibility
  • Smart control via an intuitive app and LED display
  • Portable design tailored for easy integration into outdoor and mobile lifestyles

Price & Availability:

The Rocky 12V Portable Fridge is now available for purchase directly from BougeRV’s website. For more detailed specifications and pricing information, and to grab yours today and try it out, please visit BougeRV’s official website.

With its debut at the Adventure Van Expo, the Rocky 12V Portable Fridge has set a new standard in portable refrigeration, offering a blend of durability, advanced technology, and smart features that are sure to resonate with adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to enhance their travel experiences, a truly winning combination.