June 22, 2024

Fish Diversity: The Atlantic Ocean nearest Punta Cana is home to many species of pelagic fish, including Billfish, Dorado, Wahoo, Barracuda and other exotic species. Fishing in deep waters gives anglers a unique experience. And chance to catch trophy size fish.

Beautiful places: The Dominican Republic is famous for its beautiful scenery and beaches. Fishing offshore allows you to enjoy the views and nature.

Professional services: Local Fishing Charters offer excursions with experienced fishermen and Captains who know the best fishing spots.

Active vacation: Deep sea fishing is not only a way to catch fish, but also an exciting marine adventure.

Deep sea fishing in Punta Cana with Big Marlin Charters is an unforgettable marine experience.

Deep-sea fishing is a must-do activity for thrill-seekers visiting Punta Cana. Take to the high seas aboard a fully equipped fishing boat and try your luck at catching a variety of fish species from the deep waters of the Caribbean Sea.

What does the Big Marlin Charters fishing tour include?

  • AC van transport from your hotel to and from the dock
  • Fishing equipment including reels, lines and bait
  • Experienced captain and crew
  • Refreshments Cold drinks Beer, Ron, Cocke, Water, on board
  • Opportunity to pelagic fish for a variety of species including
    • Marlin
    • Sailfish
    • Tuna
    • Dorado
    • Wahoo

How do you prepare for a fishing trip?

  • Book your trip in advance to ensure availability because Big Marlin Charter fishing charter really busy guys…
  • Bring comfortable clothes and flip flop sandals, as well as a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • If you are prone to seasickness, take medication before 1 hr. and not less the trip.
  • Just easy breakfast in the morning before the trip. Not too much food please.

Welcome to your deep sea fishing adventure in Punta Cana , Dominican Republic ! We’re so excited to have you join us.

Here’s what to expect on your journey:

  • We’ll pick you up from your hotel and take you to the marina Jelly Fish c.Bavaro
  • Our captain and 1st. Mate will give you a quick safety briefing and help you with your fishing gear.
  • We’ll head out to the open Atlantic Ocean and you’ll get to take your place on deck and cast your lines.
  • If you’re lucky, you might even catch a trophy size fish!
  • After you’ve reeled in your catch, the fishing boat will head back to the marina, and you can take pictures with your fish!

Pelagic Fish that can be caught in Punta Cana during offshore deep sea fishing:

  • White Marlin: Atlantic white marlin, is a species of billfish found in the pelagic zone of the tropical and subtropical Atlantic Ocean.
  • Blue Marlin: Another legendary fish you can catch in Punta Cana is the Blue Marlin. They’re caught by trolling .
  • Tuna: Yellowfin Tuna fishing is one of the most popular activities in Punta Cana. Yellow-fin Tuna inhabit the open sea and are usually caught by trolling
  • Dorado (Mahi-Mahi): Dorado is another sought-after fish that lives close to the surface of the water. You can catch it on a trolling rod, wobbler, or baitfish.
  • Sailfish: Sailfish are some of the most exciting fish to catch because of their incredible jumps and speed. They are caught by trolling or jigging.
  • Wahoo: Wahoo fish involves targeting the wahoo a fast and fierce predator found in warm oceanic waters.

How to fish in Punta Cana:

Punta Cana Fishing Tips:

  • The best time to fish you can check Big Marlin Charters Calendar.
  • Use heavy tackle for deep sea fishing as you will be dealing with large fish.
  • Take safety precautions.
  • Respect marine life and release any fish you don’t intend to eat.

Fishing is a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon! It’s a great way to start the day, and it’s so relaxing.

The fishermen head out into the open ocean, where the water depths can reach several feet. We use a technique called trolling, where bait is attached to long lines and towed behind the boat. It’s so exciting to watch the experienced captain looking out for signs of fish on the horizon! When a fish is hooked, the fight begins. It’s so thrilling to see the fish try to escape, and it’s a great feeling to know you’re in control. Anglers must be prepared for long battles that require endurance, skill, and determination. Catching a heavy trophy on the surface of the water is a moment of triumph and a reward for the effort invested in deep sea fishing in the Dominican Republic. After a successful catch, fishermen often return to port with a proud catch. The caught fish can be prepared by local chefs at one of the many coastal restaurants. Deep sea fishing in the Dominican Republic is more than just a sporting activity; it’s an unforgettable adventure that offers a unique perspective on the abundant marine life in the Caribbean Island. The opportunity to catch big fish, combined with beautiful scenery and a tropical atmosphere, creates a truly unforgettable experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Our fishing boats include the 42-foot “Fortuna,” the 39-foot “Ocean Super Sport model” motor yacht, the 39-foot USA “Mediterranean Yacht Group” boat, the 37-foot “Riviera Yacht inc” boat, and the 32-foot “Luhrs Sport fishing boat.” All of these boats are perfect for fishermen! They’re all very clean, perfectly maintained, and carefully equipped for deep-sea fishing charters. The 42-foot fishing boat, called the Fortuna, can accommodate up to eight people on fishing trips. There’s still plenty of space on the boat!

Deep sea fishing in Punta Cana with Big Malin Charters Punta Cana is an exciting activity that will give you an unforgettable experience. Take the opportunity to put your fishing skills to the test and see majestic marine life swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.