June 11, 2024

Venison Recipes

Who doesn’t like good venison recipes? Heck, who doesn’t have good venison recipes? AverageOutdoorsman.com has several recipes that we can all make. We offer several ways to cook venison from the traditional stove and frying methods to an all day smoke, crock pot or even on a stick over the fire. We offer something for everyone wanting to cook some back-strap.

Browse our selection of venison recipes and discover a new way to cook venison. Maybe you would like to share your favorite way to cook venison. Contact AverageOutdoorsman and submit your recipe for us to post on the website for all to admire and enjoy. It does not matter if the recipe involves steak, back-straps, tenderloins, stew meat, shoulder roasts or even hamburger. We love venison in all its various forms.