May 18, 2024

Recipe Submitted by Average Hunter

I am making what a lot call a fattie or bacon explosion.  This one will have bacon, deer loin, pork sausage, cheese and scrambled eggs.  Once done, will slice up and cover with some sausage gravy.

Started with a chunk of loin and filleted it out to a unrolled flat slab.  Once that was done I took a full package of bacon and made a blanket weave to wrap around the roll.

With the bacon weave and loin laid out, I need to make a thin slab of pork sausage.  I take the sausage and put it in a gallon ziploc.  The gallon zioloc is the perfect size for this.  Take a rolling pin and flatten out the sausage to the size of the ziploc.  Then cut the sides of the ziploc and lay the sausage slab over the bacon and deer.

Now for the stuffings.  This is where you can do whatever your imagination can come up with.  Today I was in the mood for some breakfast for supper.  So I put a heavy layer of cheese and a good helping of scrambled eggs in it.  Also put some seasonings in it for a little added flavor.
Once its all layered up, roll it up in some plastic wrap real tight and put in fridge for a bit.  This gives time to get smoker or oven ready.  I smoke everything, so today its in the smoker.
Its still in smoker now.  Will update with some money shots of the finished plate when its all done.  Will smoke for a few hours at 240-260 until internal temp reaches 160.

All smoked up and ready to eat.  Add some biscuits and gravy for the ultimate meal.