May 20, 2024
Buy an E-Bike
Buy an E-Bike

With e-bikes rising in popularity, there are hundreds of people who have substituted their cars and means of transport with them. Using e-bikes instead of opting for public transportation or driving your car can be a good decision for a couple of reasons like sustainability, environmental preservation, and a positive impact on your lifestyle. In addition to providing you with an easy way to exercise every day, e-bikes are more practical than normal bikes and will help you travel bigger distances. If you’re contemplating getting an electric bike, here are a few reasons why you should do so.

Travel Greater Distances

In addition to the standard benefits of a regular bike, e-bikes will offer its users other features that will help them travel greater distances. Because they are equipped with an electric motor, which allows these bikes to travel greater distances, making it faster than regular bikes and only coming in second when it comes to mileage. You can go up to 15 mph, which can be faster than most cars stuck in traffic (they travel at a 7.4 mph speed). In short, e-bikes make it easier to go faster after stopping or when pedaling, but if you want to go faster in a race, for example, the motor won’t help you much, as these bikes are designed to make cycling easier and not help you win a race.


Another great feature of e-bikes bikes is that they’re more sustainable than other traveling options. After all, these bikes were designed with the purpose of developing an environment-friendly and sustainable means of transportation. It is obvious that using an electric motor will reduce CO2 emissions and consumption of fossil fuel, that is if more people became more dependent on using e-bikes of course. Not that your new e-bike won’t emit CO2, but it will keep its emission percentages more compliant with the sustainability standards. E-bikes run on power, but they emit CO2 20-30 times less than cars. So, using e-bikes for your daily commute instead of driving your car or using public transportation is certainly the best environment-friendly option.

Better Security

A lot of people may ditch the idea of getting a bike due to the threat of it being stolen, which is justifiable since bicycle theft is a common occurrence in large cities. With e-bikes, however, you might feel more inclined to use it without fearing it being stolen. E-bikes are usually equipped with a GPS tracking system, have a SIM card, and can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which means that you can remotely lock it. These security measures don’t mean that you should let go of other measures, such as securing your bike with a high-quality lock or storing it in a safe place. Make sure to remove the batteries as well for better security.

Save Money

If you think about it, getting a car can be quite a costly investment, what with the regular maintenance costs and gas expenses you’ll have to take care of every once in a while. An e-bike, on the other hand, will cost you around $1,600 in addition to maintenance and battery costs. Sure, this might sound like a large sum, but this will save you a lot of money in the long run as opposed to using a car. You may be able to save a few hundred dollars if you purchase a used e-bike, but make sure to inquire about the bike’s condition and battery beforehand. In addition to this, you’ll move faster than a car in traffic jams and will have the advantage of using an environment-friendly tool.

If you have invested in an e-bike make sure you have it covered for damage and theft. Your house policy may provide cover, but that can be limited and normally only covers theft from your home.  If your bike is expensive consider a specialist electric bike insurance policy. Check out electric bike comparison sites like from cycleplan or insurance4ebikes for the best deal.

They’ll Make Climbing Hills Easy

Climbing particularly steep hills can be a challenge on a regular bike. By the end of that long, arduous climb, you’ll find yourself exhausted and sweating, something which you won’t have to experience if you’re using an e-bike. To make your hill-climbing journeys easier, the best e-bike brands are equipped with different power modes, which you can set up and choose from whenever you’re pedaling in a steep area. That’s why e-bikes are becoming quite popular among mountain bikers.

Stay in Shape

There is a misconception that you’re not exercising or ‘cheating’ when you’re using an e-bike because the motor that comes with the bike will basically save you a lot of exercising effort. However, e-bikes are like their counterparts in helping you exercise as well as regulating your blood pressure and breath intake. Sure, the electric motor can give you a jumpstart after you stop, but the rest is solely your effort.

Riding an e-bike is an entertaining experience. It will help you travel faster to your destinations and will be easy to fit in an exercise routine. However, make sure that you buy one with the best features, like Bluetooth and internet capabilities. Looking at people’s reviews on bikes is also important to make your decision, as they will provide you with an honest hands-on review.