May 27, 2024

Did you know that camping is one of the best ways of spending quality time with your family and friends? Well, it is also one of the best ways of moving away from the distractions of your busy life. You will always spend most of the cooking, hiking or even swimming while camping. However, the fun activities do not have to end once the sun goes down.
It is so special and exciting to be outside with the stars above you. This brings so much joy and fun to you while camping at night. Below are some of the things you should do while camping at night.

1.   Gazing at the stars.

While you are in your normanight duties, it is very difficult for you to notice the numbers of stars that are visible at night. Stargazing is a must once you are away camping at night. Once you are away from your busy routine of life, lay down with your friends or lover and just look at the sky and just relax.
Look if you could find any exciting constellations. If any of your friends is an astronomer, have them explain each unknown galaxy or stars. This is one of the best ways of spending quality time with your friends and family before concluding the night.

2.   Flashlight scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunting is the most enjoyable thing no matter where the venue is. Get everyone in the tent at night while you hide some of the miscellaneous items they are supposed to find. Ensure that the items you hide are very simple to find by just a flashlight or a lantern. If you are looking for the best lantern that will make your scavenger hunting enjoyable, visit They have the best reviewed lantern that you need for camping at night.
Also, ensure you leave clues for your team that makes it easier to find.
Once you are done with the hiding, call your friends or families out and let the scavenger hunting begin. If there are children in the game, make sure you mix them with someone older to avoid losing them in the dark.

3.   Night time swims.

After a long and busy day, swimming is one of the most relaxing and cool things you should do together with your family. It is also very relaxing to swim under the stars in the lake. Take your towel together with your swimsuit and head to the lake or more so the beach. There is always a unique environment at being in the swimming pool at night.
The water is always different and it also seems to offer a different kind of relaxation. As a family, you will enjoy splashing and cooling down before you go back to some comfortable fire and also a hot coffee.

4.   Bowling in the dark.

Children of every age love playing these games a lot. This game if played in the dark, it will keep everyone laughing and happy during the night. Preparing for this game is very simple since you can pack up while you are still at home for everything you need. All you need is six empty bottles that are plastic
Pick the bottles and locate a glow stick in each one of them.

5.   Music and songs.

Singing wonderful songs or even making music while sitting around the fire is one of the best ways of involving every individual. If one of your friends knows how to play a guitar, make sure you bring it alongside with you. However, you can also bring any musical instruments you own such as a bell or a harmonicas.
If you forget carrying one, you can also use a pot that will work as a drum. Using what you have during your camping period is the best thing.

6.   Family chatter.

We rarely get to sit down with our families and just talk about anything that is disturbing us or any achievement we have had. Doing this at night is the only time you can get since during the day all of you are busy swimming, hiking and also biking. At night is the perfect time with nothing else but the fire making sounds.
Talk about what you have enjoyed the most during your camping session and what your best part of the day was since that is what spending some quality time with your family involves.

7.   Board games.

Check if you have ample space to park and carry some of the best board games there are. Make sure you pack easy games if you are tagging along with kids and also get longer games if adults are to be involved. There are a lot of board games to choose from but you can only carry what your family prefers.
Some of these board games include snakes and ladder, trouble or even yahtzee. Be assured you will have a lot of fun at night once you carry these games.


With the above favorite things to do with your family while camping at night, be assured you won’t lack something to do during the night. They will make your night so relaxing and enjoyable during your camping session.