April 24, 2024

Average Hunter reviews many products and often we also send these products out to readers to get their input on these products as well.

Review Completed By: Daniel Schoemann, WI

Product Name: G5 MagLoc Quiver

Product Description: G5 MagLoc Quiver Riser Holds 5 Arrows Camo Holds Fixed blade and expandable broad-heads.

Company Website: http://G5outdoors.com

Concept of Product (Brief Description): Made for the person looking for a Quality made Quiver, easy to use, quiet and secure locking devise, can be used with a G5 tree mount bracket.

Concept Rating
1-10 (10 is best): 9
Comment on Concept: This is the best Quiver on the market, I like all the features this has, Made with with the hunter in mind, IMAG0642quality at it’s highest. Made with quality materials, one tough Quiver.

Quality & Durability Rating: 10
Comment on Quality & Durability: The rubber hood is made with tough material and has sound damping in it made with rubber to absorb sound. Durable as it will never wear out, tough magnet to hold quiver to bow.

Usability Rating:
Comment on Usability: Easy to put onto bow and lock on. Easy to unlock slightly turn quiver to release from magnet and it’s off. It is light-weight not a heavy clunky quiver.

Size & Comfort Rating: 10
Comment on Size & Comfort: Small in size, and comfortable to put on and take off.

Looks Rating:
Comment on Looks: Unique bracket design, the hood is nice looking, as the rubber on outside is positioned equally to offset a great look

How Does It Work Rating:
Comment on How it Works: The easiest Quiver I have used to date, Nice locking system with the ability to just use the unlocked IMAG0641position and twist and turn and the quiver is off, to put back on is easy also fit the quiver to the main bracket and let go, locking it in if you want, very easy to use.

Highlights of the Product:
The magnet is one that stands out, the ease it takes to use, noise reduction on hood is great. The adaptability to use with fixed and expandable broad heads is nice

Retail Price Range:
$59.00 to $100
Price Compared to Similar Products of Similar Quality: G5 MagLoc when compared to others was the best, the best was on Amazon at $59.00

Highlights of Company Website
: The commitment of the employees to the company was grand as to the customers, the description of the products was outstanding.

Overall Product Rating
1-10 (10 is best): 10
Final Comments on Product: The best I have seen to date, quality was the first thing I look for and that was #1 in my book. One can see you did your homework on this,