June 15, 2024

Tactical flashlights have to be able to do more than just light up the dark. As a trusted tool that many militaries, security, and law enforcement professionals rely on during risky jobs, tactical flashlights must also be designed with user security in mind. Here are a few ways to use your tactical training and a flashlight can be used as more than just a light source.

Hand-to-Hand Self-Defense

A raised strike bezel around the lens is one of the defining physical features of a tactical flashlight. This bezel is designed to offer a means of self-defense in high-pressure situations. Use your tactical flashlight in your off-hand for quick strikes to incapacitate an attacker.

The strike bezel can also be used to break glass in emergency situations, making tactical flashlights a great choice for emergency responders such as EMTs and firefighters. If you have a trusted flashlight in your equipment already, but it is not equipped with a strike bezel, it is possible to purchase a bezel to attach to your flashlight. However, keep in mind that some flashlights are not designed to withstand the impact of using a strike bezel. Tactical flashlights, on the other hand, are built to survive hard strikes.

Disorienting Strobe

A strobe feature is a quick and easy way to disorient attackers before they get within striking distance. The rapid flickering of a strobe light can cause momentary blindness and confusion, giving you the upper hand. Choose a tactical flashlight with an easy-to-select strobe function. In a self-defense situation, every second counts. If it’s difficult to quickly find the strobe setting you may find yourself at a dangerous disadvantage. If possible, test your tactical flashlight in the position you plan to hold it to get a feel for its intuitiveness. Once you’ve made your decision, spend time familiarizing yourself with the different lighting modes. By creating muscle memory, you will be able to react even faster in a dangerous situation.

SOS Signaling

No tactical professional wants to experience an emergency situation on the job, but preparing to face one can make all the difference. A tactical flashlight equipped with an SOS signal function can help alert your team and rescue workers to your position. While every tactical professional should know how to use a light to signal for help, in some situations, repetitively signaling is not possible. You might need both hands free to continue to work, or you might be physically unable to consistently signal. An SOS function allows for a set-and-forget function. To best prepare for emergency situations, be sure to choose a tactical flashlight that has both high lumens and long runtime in SOS mode. Doing so will help you be seen from a distance for hours, and in some cases, even days on end.

A tactical flashlight is a key piece of equipment in every tactical professional’s arsenal. Keep these important features in mind when choosing your flashlight and you’ll be prepared to tackle any situation you encounter.