July 16, 2024
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Crossbows were used in warfare a few centuries ago. Yes, in battles where crossbows can easily knock out a man. And that pretty much tells you how strong crossbows are. Probably why when hunters need a noiseless shooter with a strong hit point as a shotgun they opt for crossbows.

There is an increase in the sales of crossbows since the last decade and it has mainly to do with the popularity of archery. But there is a difference between an archer and a hunter. Where an archer would be looking for a lightweight crossbow with a good grip and smooth blows to hit the target, the hunter prefers stronger, weightier crossbows for the one-shot kill!

The advantages of using crossbows as the hunting weapon:

Of late, crossbows have become fashionable hunting equipment for both amateur and experienced hunters. Hence before moving to our crossbow reviews article let’s check out the reasons to choose crossbows for hunting.

  • Crossbows provide noiseless shooting. This means you can continuously shoot multiple targets without making any sound, unlike the shotguns that make animals one mile away starts running.
  • Easy to buy – Buying a crossbow is easier than buying a gun for hunting. Just visit your nearest sports equipment shop and choose the right one for you (Don’t worry, I will tell you how to).
  • Better to aim – It is easier to aim perfectly at crossbows than shotguns. It is because crossbows are made for providing flawless aim. The grip of your shoulder ensures that your hands are not shaking.

How to choose the right crossbow for the hunter?

If you want to go crossbow shopping for your next hunting venture, remember to follow our guide so that you can have the best one for yourself.


Speed does not guarantee a great crossbow. You need to check other factors without jumping to a conclusion of purchase just because the crossbow offers high speed. A general hunting crossbow should have a producing speed of 260 FPS to 400 FPS. High-speed crossbows are noisier and broadhead turning is difficult with faster crossbows.


Weight is another important aspect of choosing the right crossbow. Heavy crossbows offer stability. It provides a better grip and aiming experience. On the other hand, lightweight crossbows offer improved maneuverability and are easy to carry. So decide what suits you best.


Draw weight is a good way to determine whether your crossbow is perfect for hunting or not. A good crossbow for hunters should have at least 175 pounds of draw weight. And if it is 200 pounds that is even better.

Other aspects of consideration

Make sure your crossbow is a rope cocking device. Rope cocking devices are better for hunting than crank cocking devices. Also, test the scope if it is powerful enough for your hunting needs.


A noise dampening device is a must-have feature for hunting crossbows. So make sure that your chosen crossbow has it.

Best Crossbows for hunting

Here are some of the best crossbows for hunters this year. The list is based on our crossbow reviews.

  • SniperPoint Sniper 370
  • Barnett Jackal Crossbows
  • Excalibur Matrix 355
  • Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbows
  • Barnett WhiteTail Hunter Crossbows

Choosing the right crossbow is important if you are really serious about hunting. Opting for a wrong crossbow will only cost you your valuable time sitting and trying to shoot at missing targets. And of course, the right one can bring you a lot of nutrition or money!