April 25, 2024
Buck Nut Deer Scent

Buck Nut Deer Scents

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Most hunters across the world have the wrong idea about what deer scents are designed to do. Deer are well known for their unique sense of smell that helps them when selecting a mate, locating food and avoiding predators. Basically, the main purpose of deer scents is to lure a deer from miles away thus causing it to pursue a scent trail that you
have put in place. If used appropriately, deer scent should help you put the deer in position for you to have a clear shot. Note that, for you to have the best results, you should use the deer scent in a place where deer are found.

If you think catching a deer using deer scent is an easy task, then think again because you also have to read deer signs like their feeding areas, trails, scrapes, rubs and beddings. In addition, you have to take full advantage of the wind when using deer scents during hunting and have a clear knowledge of your prey environment by making sure you survey your hunting area carefully beforehand without leaving any trace of human odor behind.

Here are a few tips on how to use deer scent effectively.

Set Up The Scent In The Right Manner.

Ensure that you spend your money wisely by buying deer scents that will bring you the best results possible. The secret is placing the scent around your stand.

Many hunters think that hanging their deer scents out and standing by will help lure a deer into their trap. However, if you have used deer scents to hunt before, you will agree with me that this is not how it works. The location of your deer scent will get it to stop and snoop it out and this is the perfect moment when a hunter gets a stable broadside shot.

Prepare scent wicks and drag lines the day before you go deer hunting.Start by cutting a three to four foot string so that you will use as drag lines from each bag of scent then tie a scent wick to an end of all of your strings. For this, you will require two more new zip-top bags. After that, put the scent wick that you have now tied to your drag line with the deer scent, on top of any of the new, open zip-top bags, pour enough deer scent to saturate onto the scent wick which is attached to the drag line with deer scent and allow the extra liquid fall into the open bag.

Lastly, put the scent wick and drag line into the zip-top bag and ensure the scent wick is underneath the zip-top bag.Use a scent drag that has been dipped into the appropriate scent. This way, you will be able to cover your own scent that is left behind when you are walking in and it can also attract a deer attention when it is passing by thus pulling it closer. Note that a strong scent trail is not a guarantee that a deer will come straight into your trap.

Utilize the Wicks

A wick is a cotton ball placed in a plastic can. Wicks surely work magic when used to hunt a deer but they can also change the smell of scents if mixed with any material that the can has been made from. They are made specifically for hunting and many wicks available in the market today come with their individual containers that you can use to store them safely. The containers also prevent sloppy spills.

Reduce Scent locations.

Many hunters use around four or five scent bombs put in circles so as to cover all directions. However, all you need are two wicks which you will hang to your left and to your right so as to catch anything that passes by it. Alternatively, you can opt to hang one wick straight in front of you as well so long as you do not hang scents behind in spots or where you won’t be able to make a shot.

Stay in range.

Since you don’t want to hang them beyond the point you can shoot, you will have to place them next to likely travel routes within the shooting distance of your stand or shooting lanes so that when a deer makes a stop to check it out, you can easily take the shot.

Target higher ground.

Place scent bombs on high ground so that they may appear more realistic and also so that they also become more effective. Hang them not less than five or six feet from the ground with the intention of making them be easily caught by gentle thermals and breezes thus expanding the possibility to bring about a prying or nervous deer into your trap.

While making mock scrapes or even enhancing a real one, make sure you use a scent dripper. Doing this will dump the scent on the ground where the deer is expecting it and also capture the higher breezes so that the smell can be sniffed from a distance.

Do not forget to reduce your human scent as much as you can. If possible, take a shower way before you leave your home using a scent-free soap. Also wash your hunting clothes manually every time that you wear them using no-scent clothes wash and hang them outside to dry finally, store them in a plastic bag or plastic box where household or other scents cannot reach them.

Hunters are urged not to put deer urine on their stuff or clothing because it might unintentionally spread tiny and long lasting prions which can cause chronic wasting disease (CWD) in the deer. The secret to getting a deer to follow you to your deer hunting set up or stand blindly is making sure that the deer can smell the deer attractant scents you have used.

This is how to accomplish this, as you walk to your deer hunting set up, tree or deer hunting stand, use drag lines and numerous scent wicks so as to scatter the deer attractant scents. The above mentioned tips will also guide you on how to use deer scent appropriately for best results. Use these deer scents strategies in place the next time you go out for deer hunting.