April 25, 2024



Good afternoon fellow sportsman and sportswomen. Today’s outdoor gear product review is for the Sound Grenade SOS Alarm from ROBOCOPP. But, before I get to the review, I need to get the boring stuff out of the way. So here goes;

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Sound Grenade SOS Alarm for free from ROBOCOPP in consideration for a gear review.

Thank goodness that is over with. Now, on with the review. The Sound Grenade SOS Alarm is small and light-weight. It is about the size of a lighter. It is also almost the exact size of my thumb. Of course, I have short and chubby fingers. Light-weight enough that you won’t even recognize it on your person. It is just a simple yet effective personal alarm you can use for self-defense, exploring the great outdoors or in case of emergency (lost or injured and need assistance).

Sound Grenade SOS AlarmSound Grenade SOS Alarm

The Sound Grenade SOS Alarm is oval shaped with an attachment and carabiner for hanging. The attachment with the carabiner is what you use (pull the pin) to activate the alarm.

The alarm will continue to sound until you re-insert the pin. There is a little resistance on the pin to avoid accidental activation. Do not worry though because it is still easy to pull. For this reason I suggest attaching it to the front of your person to avoid it snagging on things. I have mine attached to the front of my pack where it is handy in case I need it in the woods.

Sound Grenade SOS Alarm

The sound created from the Sound Grenade SOS Alarm is a high-pitched quick repeating alarm. It really is an irritating sound, which is why it is effective. The noise will get everyone’s attention making it unpleasant for someone to assault you. In the great outdoors animals will not appreciate the high-pitched alarm and run off. ROBOCOPP boasts that the alarm will sound for 30 continuos minutes if the pin is not re-attached. This is handy if lost or injured to alert rescue personel to your location.

The only concern I have with the Sound Grenade SOS Alarm is that it has an operating temperature of 14*F to 104*F. I admit that this will cover the vast majority of people. However, this also can eliminate 4 to 6 months of the year for me. Perhaps when it gets that cold I will have to keep the Sound Grenade SOS Alarm inside my clothing to keep it warmer so it will operate correctly if I need it.

Now, I am pleased to announce that ROBOCOPP has generously provided a Sound Grenade SOS Alarm for AverageOutdoorsman followers to win.

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Have a great day and enjoy the outdoors,
Tim Collins.