May 18, 2024
lednut flashlight


lednut flashlight

The LEDNut flashlight is a small, lightweight but solid led flashlight. The flashlight boasts 700 lumens maximum output. The LEDNut flashlight is also water-resistant but not waterproof. Before I get to the outdoor product review though, I need to provide a product disclosure. I know, that sucks.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received LEDNut flashlight for free from LEDNut in consideration for a gear review.

There now, I am glad that is over with. Now for the review. As I mentioned already, the flashlight is small, lightweight and built solid. I like how it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. There are settings on the flashlight,

– High
– Medium
– Low
– Strobe

The five settings on the flashlight make it perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or even in your vehicle for emergencies.

lednut flashlight

The high, medium and low settings provide you with more than enough light for any function you need in the great outdoors. The strobe setting would work well for warding off an attacker. Use the strobe and SOS setting for when you have an accident or get lost. The SOS setting actually flashes SOS in morse code. To switch between the 5 settings all you need to do is push the on/off switch partially to cycle through them. You can adjust the focus of the beam by pushing or pulling the base of the flashlight. If the flashlight is completely compacted, you have a wider light area. If the flashlight is contracted all the way, you have a concentrated beam. The concentrated beam takes a little getting used to because it is square.

lednut flashlightlednut flashlightlednut flashlight


A fully charged battery provides you with several hours of use. The battery charger is small, and a little flimsy. It does however do the job. When charging, the charger will have a red light. Once fully charged, the light will change to green. The LEDNut flashlight also comes with a 3AAA battery insert you can use as a back up if the charged battery goes dead. LEDNut also ships a round attachment you use for holding the flashlight hands free. They advertise it as a bike attachment, but it will work with anything you have.

lednut flashlightlednut flashlight

I really like the LEDNut flashlight and I would recommend it to anyone. The small size, brightness and solid build means it will be there for you when and where you need it.

Thank you for your time in reading my outdoor product review and as always, if you enjoyed the read, please share the review with your friends on social media. If you would like to purchase a LEDNut flashlight for yourself, I have provided a link for you. This link HERE will take you to their Amazon page. Here are other alternatives of some of the best flashlight products online

Have a great day and enjoy the outdoors,
Tim Collins.