May 20, 2024

There isn’t much more American than guns and hunting. Getting out in the countryside can be a stress-relieving experience that everyone should try. It doesn’t matter if you are hunting big game or waterfowl, the thrill of the hunt is rewarding regardless of the critters you’re chasing. If you hunt with family and friends, there is a social aspect to it also that is as enjoyable as the actual hunt. Sitting around the campfire talking sports, guns, and guy talk creates memories for the younger generations that will last a lifetime.

Passing On Traditions

Bringing up the generations and making your hunt a seasonal experience will give you something to look forward to each year as the hunting season begins. Opening day is usually packed, so finding dates after opening day for general hunts is recommended. For larger game, you will need to be drawn, and those dates will be assigned to you and you will need to adjust your schedule to accommodate the trip. Camping, hunting, eating, and drinking a few cold ones are all part of the experience and depending on the animal you’re hunting, your choice of the gun will vary. Elk, deer, and large game are typically hunted with a rifle to allow for long-range shots. Duck, quail, cranes, and other waterfowl are typically hunted with a shotgun. You will want to buy a lot of ammo for bird hunting, they can be evasive, and you may end up spending more shells than you expected to get the bird you want. There are people that hunt large game with shotguns loaded with slugs rather than bird-shot or buck-shot. Many hunters will carry a sidearm for those rare moments where you are caught in a sticky situation.


Hunting knives are an absolute must, you will need to cut your kill down to get it back to camp. With bird, it’s easy cleaning, but large game requires a lot more effort to cut it up and get the parts you want to keep back to camp.


Speaking of hauling your kill back to camp, hunting transportation is now almost as valuable as the weapon you hunt with. Many hunters have converted older model 4×4 trucks and SUV’s into hunting trucks, while others use 4 wheelers and single passenger motor vehicles. Within the past 10 years, however, side by side vehicles have become extremely popular, this includes Razors and Rhinos that feature multi-passenger seating arrangements, powerful engines, and high-performance suspension kits that allow for long travel when navigating rough terrain.

The Complete Experience

Hunting in America is a complete experience and consumers spend billions of dollars annually on camping equipment, hunting vehicles, guns, ammo, and outdoor supplies. Depending on the part of the country you grew up in, you may or may not have ever hunted before. If you hunt a few times a year, well, good for you. If you have never been hunting, it’s time you get outside and give it a shot…. Literally! If you are against killing animals, think about it the next time you bite into that T-Bone steak you bought at the supermarket. Those poor cattle was likely raised on a farm and lived a miserable life, sad but true. An animal in the wild has lived and experienced life to the fullest as a free-roaming animal of the wild. It tastes better, free of unnatural hormones and it feeds on a more natural diet than corn-based products, so it’s better for both of you like chicken feed! Get out there, hunt, and enjoy the American traditions of the outdoors!