April 25, 2024
American Technologies Network

ATN takes customers, step-by-step through the setup and functions of the game-changing X-Sight Rifle Scope

South San Francisco, Calif. (March 2015) – American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN),innovators of advanced night vision, thermal imaging and digital SMART HD optics for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement, has produced a tutorial video on the new smart HD X-Sight Rifle scope for current and potential customers. It is available on their YouTube Channel.

Chip Fong, ATN’s Director of Marketing, takes the viewer, step-by-step through the X-Sight functions, with clear and concise instructions. The X-Sight tutorial begins with the simple task of setting up the date and time functions and explaining the various icons: compass, velocity, ground speed, time and magnification.

Fong then takes the viewer through the various X-Sight features. The smooth zoom feature is a simple press and hold button to zoom in to full magnification or out. Sighting in couldn’t be easier with the ATN Single Shot Zero feature that allows the viewer to set up the reticle on the point of aim through the user interface, quickly and easily.

A range day or hunting experience can now be captured and shared using the smart HD technologies found in the X-Sight. Recording videos and taking still shots is as simple as clicking a button. When recording videos, icons appear on the screen allowing the viewer to see the length of time of the recording experience. Videos and pictures are captured on the ATN X-Sight micro SD card for uploading or sharing.

The one feature that makes the ATN X-Sight a 24/7 rifle scope stand out from anything else on the market is its ability to switch to Night Vision mode with a click of the sun/moon icon. The night vision mode also offers two color variations: green/black or white/black. The Infrared Illuminator should always be in use when in Night Vision mode.

The ATN X-Sight can also connect to any mobile device through Wi-Fi by using the ATN Obsidian app, available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. The ATN Obsidian app is free and allows for live streaming of videos and photos. The app also allows the user to configure the X-Sight’s reticle, color and style from their mobile device.


The ATN X-Sight rifle scope system allows users to update the firmware by logging on to

http://www.atncorp.com/firmware/xsight5-18and loading the upgrades on the micro SD card. When complete, return the micro SD card to the X-Sight and the updates will activate. (Interruption of the updating process could result in damage to the X-Sight.)

No hunt or long-range shooting event will ever be just another story heard around the campfire; hunters with an ATN X-Sight can now bring their story to life using HD video.

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