April 25, 2024

Share With Who Wants To See Your Trophies

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Sometimes Facebook sucks.  It’s great to see what aunt Ella is doing and I have to admit that I take a little bit of perverse pleasure in seeing how poorly some of my friends from high school are aging but there is a lot of stuff on there that just isn’t great.  Like this:

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This isn’t just a Facebook problem.  Most of the content that I am inundated with on Instagram, Twitter and Google+ is stuff that does not interest me.  If you think about it this makes sense.  Our friends and family come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse interests.  We are all inspired by our own particular muse and our social media represents that fact.  But it doesn’t mean that I necessarily want to spend my day looking at pictures of babies, cats, yoga poses and the drinks my cousin consumed last night.

By the same token many of my friends and relatives do not share my love of hunting and the outdoors.  Several times when I have tried to share a picture of a turkey or deer that I have harvested I have been accused of being cruel or an animal murderer.

This is where small niche social networks come in.  These companies have built social networks just for hunters and just for anglers.  Camophoto (you can download it from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store) has thousands of hunters who post pictures and talk about what interests me, which is hunting.  I have also enjoyed the app because I don’t need to censor the pictures that I post.  My friends and I can share our goriest and most glorious hunting pictures without worrying that we are offending the wife’s crazy sister.  It is also great to see what kinds of animals are being harvested at any particular time in any area of the country.

So if you love sharing your hunting pictures or just enjoy looking at what other people are hunting then download the free app and check it out.    www.camophotoapp.com.  And if you are only interested in fishing you can check out the fishing specific reelphotoapp.com