May 26, 2024

Summer is here and so is the time for beaches, sunglasses, ice cold drinks, loose and breezy clothes, and outdoor grills. Grilling out is an activity that nearly everyone loves to participate in and is capable of including people of all ages. A lot of times, however, it takes some time to get the hang of using a grill without making rookie mistakes. Here are six amazing tips to help you get off to a good start while grilling.

1. Make Sure the Meat Is of Room Temperature Rather Than Cold or Frozen

This is a great grilling tip for those of you who like their steaks well done. Since steaks are thick meats and require a relatively long time to get cooked until they are done, taking the meat out of the fridge and letting it come down to room temperature will allow you to spend less time on the cooking process. Even if you like your meats a little more on the rarer side, the advantage of having to spend less time on cooking is always a plus. Some grilling professionals even choose to warm up the meats a little bit before grilling.

2. Use A Good Beverage to Pair with The Grilled Meats

Everyone knows that a good grill session starts with picking the right meat, but pairing the grilled meats with a good beverage is an equally important skill. A lot of people choose to get beers to go with their grill, and this is probably the most popular option out there. However, wines are another popular option, and certain cocktails are also good for an outdoor grill, in case you want to mix it up and do things a little differently. Be sure to pair the beverages and meats right; you do not want to have a clash of flavors or tastes.

3. Play Around with The Flavors Using Different Creative Methods

With the right coal arrangements and other tools, your kettle grill can turn into something else entirely. Grill experts suggest placing all the coals to one side of the grill, placing the meats on the other side and allowing the smoke from the coals to cook the meat rather than using direct heat. Using dried herbs and other unconventional items in place of smoking wood chips will also add an interesting twist to your food.

4. Do Not Over-smoke The Meat

Smoking is always great, but with grilling, as with everything else, there is one golden rule you must follow: everything in moderation. Smoking the meats too much will make the food taste too bitter for it to be palatable. It is a better option to smoke in moderation and possibly taste the meats while grilling to ensure they’re not overdone. It is also important to pay attention to how much smoke is emanating from the grill.

5. If It Is Thick, Season the Meat as Heavily as Possible

Thick steaks need a lot more seasoning than you might think because the flavors take longer to seep into the meat if it is thick. The rule of thumb when it comes to seasoning is, according to tradition, to add in twice as much seasoning as one would think is necessary for the marination.

6. Timing Is Everything When It Comes to Grilling

Grilling may seem like a harmless backyard activity to engage in with friends and family, but the truth is, grilling is a precise art. Right from the amount of time that the coals have been burning, to the amount of time the meats have been sitting on the grill, everything is important. Unusual as it may seem, even the timing of putting the sauce on the meats is really important, for you don’t want to the sauce to be too runny or too burnt.

These tips will help you have a fun time grilling out without wasting too much meat. Be sure to look up other tips on how to handle and maintain your grill to ensure its optimum performance. Have fun!