April 24, 2024
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XShot pro poleXShot pro poleXShot pro pole

Good evening outdoor enthusiasts. Today’s Outdoor Gear Review is for the XShot Pro Pole for GoPro and all Cameras from XShot.com. Before I continue with the review, I need to inform everyone of the product disclaimer (snooze). So here goes:

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received XShot Pro Pole for GoPro and all Cameras for free from XShot.com as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.

XShot pro poleNow for the “Nuts and Bolts” of the XShot Pro Pole. The XShot Pro Pole is small enough and lightweight enough to fit into any pack. When compacted, the XShot Pro Pole measures in at just less than 7 inches and will extend all the way out to 32 inches. The short compact size allows you to take it anywhere you go for performing short videos or photos while hunting, fishing, camping or hiking. The XShot Pro Pole comes with 2 types of camera mounts, 1 for the GoPro and 1 for any standard action camera. This feature is especially helpful because it means that you do not need to purchase another camera (unless of course you want to). I found the XShot Pro Pole to telescope quite easily and hold itself at the desired extension without falling back down.


XShot pro pole XShot pro pole

Switching the mounts on the XShot Pro Pole was easy. Simply use the Allen wrench (provided) and remove the setscrew from the center-top of the mount. Be careful though, the screw will not stay with the mount and if not careful you could lose it. To install the desired mount, merely insert the setscrew into the hole on the pivot ball and tighten down. I discovered that you would want to tighten the pivot ball locking it into place so you can get the camera mount secured properly. If you do not do this step then the mount will be loose and the camera will wobble on you.

XShot pro poleXShot pro pole

Once the mount is secured, you can attach your camera using the thread wheel so it is tight onto the mount. Move your camera around with the use of the pivot ball until you have it in the desired location/angle and then tighten the pivot ball down locking your camera into place. Now you can extend the XShot Pro Pole as little or as much as you want and take pictures or do some short videos of your outdoor adventure. I should mention that the extension pole on the XShot Pro Pole is high polished chrome, so keep this in mind if you choose to use it for hunting.

XShot pro poleXShot pro poleXShot pro pole

Overall, I am pleased with the XShot Pro Pole. Its ease of use, solid build and versatility makes it an excellent companion for getting video footage or unique photos when you do not have a cameraman. I feel confident and comfortable with suggesting the XShot Pro Pole to anyone. So visit XShot.com using any one of the many links provided in this outdoor gear review, grab yours today and get out in the great outdoors and record some unique experiences. Just don’t forget to share those experiences with others.

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Have a great day and enjoy the outdoors,
Tim Collins.