July 16, 2024
When does hunting season start

When does hunting season start

When does hunting season start? Hunting season is a time in which certain game animals can be harvested in specific areas. Hunting is only allowed in the opening season. According to the local fauna conservation, the law opening season is the time of the year when specified wildlife species are allowed to hunt. Every state determines its regulation and sets specific dates for hunt specific animals. Seasons dates usually occur when the species population is at its maximum.

Opening season for hunting

Hunting season depends upon other multitudes of factors such as migration season, breeding season, and birth seasons. There are different times for different species that hunters need to remember to have a fulfilling hunting season. Here I list some species hunting dates which help you a lot.

Season to hunt some birds

September is the best time to bag some birds. Opening day for the general season starts at Sep28 in Westron Washington, and in Eastern Washington, it begins on the 19th of October.

October is specified for the duck and goose hunting season.

Best time to hunt Deers and Elks

September is generally the opening season in eastern/western for the bowmen. The 19th of September is the last day for the deer hunting season for archers. From the 28th of September, Elk hunting season starts and extends to the 5th of October.

Afterward, the general modern firearm deer season starts from the 12th of October. This is the launching day of the early firearm deer season. The contemporary firearm elk season begins after the two week opening of the firearm deer season.

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Specialized hunting permits

Specialized permits become available in December. Special licenses for black bears are available on the 2nd of January.

States control hunting seasons according to their own rules and regulations. The government provides states with dates, and then it depends on states whether to use the full season or divide it into sections. Washington divided it into parts, and California decided to use the entire length of the season that was provided by the government.

Closed season

It is the time when hunting a species is contrary to law. Closed seasons are designed to protect endangered species and protect other animals in their breeding season.

The local government designs it for the conservation of wildlife species. Remember, hunting during the closed season is considered illegal and poaching.