June 14, 2024

Every hunter’s prize at the end of every hunt is game meat they can enjoy at the end of the day. Game meat is different from the meat you can buy from the store. It is packed with nutrients, and it is healthy for your body, similar to the diet from the Paleolithic age. It does not have artificial hormones and antibiotics found in commercial meat. The taste itself is different, and it is expected that the food you can create with it will be sumptuous. If you are a beginner then there are a few things you should remember to help you prepare your game meat better.

Cleaning Your Meat

Handling game meat should start right from the moment you hunt. Before you go outdoors, make sure that the equipment you will be using are all clean to ensure that the game will not be exposed to dirt and bacteria. Even the container from which you store your game while in transport should be clean and safe. Every time you handle your meat, make sure your hands are clean. It is important to store your game meat first if you are not going to cook it right away. Clean the meat from any dirt and remove any traces of the hunt. Make sure you remove as much water as you can before you put it in the freezer. Excess water tends to drain the meat of flavor, so pat it with a tissue or towel before putting it in a clean container.

Getting the Best Flavor Out of Your Game Meat

A lot of people notice a strong gamey flavor from game meat. To ensure that you avoid this, you should ensure that you gut the animal as soon as you were able to clean it out thoroughly. This will help the muscles coo faster so the meat won’t produce undesirable flavor. Separate the bones, the hide, and the fat efficiently. You can cut the meat depending on the size you desire, and even grind it using a meat grinder seen on this website if the recipe calls for it. Game meat is not bred for flavor. Soak the meat in a solution made of saltwater, milk, or lemon juice before freezing it to enhance the flavor and remove any traces of the undesirable flavor.

Freezing and Preparing for Cooking

You can freeze your game meat for a long time if you can do it properly. Do not put too much meat in one container only. Individually wrap them in plastic wrap or butcher paper. It is better if you vacuum seals the cut to avoid air getting trapped in the container. When you take it out for cooking, allow the meat to defrost slowly so retain much of the meat juices.

Your game meat can give a rewarding feeling because it took you so much effort to bring home something for the kitchen. In order not to spoil your meat, you must ensure that you clean out and prepare it well. You can enjoy a good meal if you follow the process of keeping your meat fresh and flavorful.