July 11, 2024
airsoft gun

Airsoft is an action-packed outdoor sport, fun for both your family and friends. 

If you’re new to the fun, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions before shelling out on equipment. What someone else considers the best might not be what’s right for you. 

To get you started, we’ve put together this list of considerations that’ll help you find your perfect airsoft match.

What’s Your Role?

There are three play styles for airsoft guns: Close Quarter Battle (CQB), sniping, support, and cover. Each lends itself to different types of guns. 

For CQB, you’ll want to find a shorter gun. A compact weapon will help when popping in and out of corners. If you like playing competitively, you can also choose your best airsoft shotgun. 

If you’ve yet to discover this, we recommend checking out any guns your friends have. 

Snipers opt for heavier (and more expensive) sniper rifles with powerful bolt action. They’re also the patient ones of the crew, so if you’re trigger-happy, this might not be the style for you. 

Support gunners don’t care so much about accuracy and instead like laying out the BBs. This role lets them use hard-hitting machine gun airsoft replicas. 

If you’re covering fire, check out assault rifles with high-capacity magazines.

What’s Your Game Style?

As we mentioned, you have a few roles to choose from, but you’ll also want to consider the games you’ll play. The two main ones are CQB and field. 

Both indoor and outdoor facilities can host both types of games. CQB is for close quarter matches, where short barrel or folding stock guns work best. Think of something lightweight and easily moved around corners like John Wick’s Air Pistol to have a full range of movement whilst aiming. Field games require much longer barrels to help with accuracy. rifle-style airsoft guns are better suited for this game mode so you can pick off enemies from a distance. 

Both games have Casual and MilSim (military simulation) branches. Casual is precisely that — a relaxed atmosphere and little to no gear restrictions. 

Milsim is much stricter, often banning high-capacity magazines and requiring realistic-looking gear (like proper camouflage).

What FPS Range Will You Play?

FPS stands for feet per second. You want a gun that’s safe to use in your play area range.

Remember, airsoft guns are for military-style play and can pack a punch if you’re not careful. 

If you’re playing indoors, aim for a gun between 300-350 FPS. Most U.S. indoor spots won’t allow above 350 FPS

In outdoor fields, your FPS increases. You can typically go up to 400 FPS, so consider a range between 380-400. 

Check out your local airsoft spots for additional regulations. Some may have different FPS limitations based on the gun-type itself.

How Does Your Budget Look?

Finally, you need a solid grasp of what you’re willing to spend. And consider how involved or competitive you’re going to be. 

If you think you’ll play every day, then spend some extra dough to guarantee durability. But if this is a monthly hobby, no need to burn a hole in your wallet. 

The price for entry-level airsoft guns is between $100-$160. If you’re looking for high-end machinery to jumpstart your professional career, then be prepared to look in the $250-$300 range.

Find Your Best Airsoft Gun Match

Thinking about just jumping into the world of airsoft can make you eager to purchase your equipment right away. But you don’t want to ‘jump the gun’ so to speak.

Remember to consider your styles, handling experience, budget, and how you’ll use the gun before spending your hard-earned cash.  

Doing a little research will guarantee you the best airsoft shotgun for yourself.