July 24, 2024

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On any long pheasant hunt, quail hunt or any hunt where you’re walking around all day with gun in hand, that gun starts to get heavy after a while.  You then start to switch hands or carrying the gun in different ways to make it more comfortable.  Sometimes making it so you’re not ready for a shot or even not being safe.

upland sling reviewupland sling carry 1upland sling blaze camoThe crew at Upland Sportsman come up with a simple way to carry your gun, always be ready for a shot and always be safe for yourself and the other hunters around you.  They developed the Upland Sling.  It’s an easy to install gun sling that attaches to the stock of your gun.  Fully adjustable to fit all standard stocks and installs in a minute.  The Upland Sling keeps the gun by your side, stock low and ready to shoulder.  You can easily control your gun with one hand.  The shoulder strap adjusts quickly to your desired size and comfort and a standard clasp between gun and shoulder strap disconnects quickly when you need to put the gun down.

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