July 16, 2024
outdoor activities

The only thing worse than a bad breakup is a bad divorce that stresses you out. Are you going through a bad divorce and the stress is just so much that you don’t know what to do? You have never been through something like this before? Well, few people have, and as they will tell you,  it can be stressful, among other things. We sympathize with you but we would also like to inform you that it doesn’t have to be bad. It should be as hard or as bad as you allow it. You can take your mind off of it in many ways. Considering that the home you have shared with your significant partner up to this point may bring back memories, we advise that you think outside the box, you look outside the house for solace.

Join a Book club

One thing you have to know about divorce and the stress that comes with is the fact that it is emotional, more so than it is physical. You may be physically stressed but there is a lot of physical and emotional tension that you have to relieve and there is no better way to do that than through book reading. Reading a book helps you face a plethora of emotional dilemmas and ultimately helps you find a way to deal with them. There is a high chance that many characters in the many books that you will read when you join a book club will go through what you are going through or even worse and the writers may prefer solutions through unique and smart ways. There is also a chance that when you start reading you all start writing. Writing is all about bleeding on a page, all of your seething emotions that you have to let out may end up seeping through the ink of your pen without any violence at all. After you resolve your divorce emotional conflict, the rest is easy.


People volunteer for many reasons and although you may not know, a lot of the people who volunteer for any outreach or program are doing it because they want distractions from other more emotional matters like divorce. Being a volunteer helps to relieve the stress you undergo during divorce in a lot of ways; you get to focus on a positive goal when you channel all of that emotion and energy on something that you have come to be passionate about. This takes your mind off the divorce as a whole and it also facilitates your process of forging a new path and deciding what’s next after the divorce. You may never know, you may finally find your calling in helping orphans in Africa or other third-world countries. If you have been feeling like the situations leading to the divorce was all your fault and maybe you did not put in as much effort as you should have in the relationship. Volunteering also has a way of linking you with people who will appreciate your effort and the fact that you go above and beyond for them, it may just be what you need to start feeling like you were not the problem in the relationship and it is after all, just what it is.


Chances are if you are going through a divorce that stresses you out, you did not have a lot of chances to travel when you were in the relationship and that is exactly what you need to relieve the stress that comes with the divorce. Have you ever been to Niagara Falls in Ontario? What about the Golden Gate Bridge or the Eiffel Tower? If these are places you only see in pictures or hear about, you should visit them because they are great spots for attaining a feeling of freedom which will help prepare you mentally for what’s to come after the divorce. Traveling gives you this feeling that you can be whatever you want to be or do whatever you want to do now and you are indeed a free stallion ready to conquer the world. This is the state of mind you need to be in to successfully ease up and relieve whatever divorce stress you are going through. If you did visit these locations with the person you are divorcing, it may be a great way to find closure and finally let go or say goodbye to the relationship. Sometimes, you may be strained through the process of the divorce simply because you are still in the denial state and now you have a solution to that.


Maybe you are an alpha male or female and you probably do not conventionally show emotion or express stress, then tough sports like kickboxing are for you. You can feel an intense whirl of anger surging in you and that is ok, what is not ok is keeping it in. You need to let it out and the best way to do that is through sports like kickboxing. You can let out and scream as much as you want until you are satisfied and ultimately relieved of stress. We are all emotional beings and denying that is perhaps the most dangerous thing, especially through a sad process like divorce. Apart from the emotional outlet that kickboxing serves as your mental energy can also be focused on something positive and overall fulfilling instead of the stressful process of divorce. So, gear up, throw on a pair of Muay Thai shorts, and master the techniques – you may even find that you like kickboxing at the end of the day!


Kickboxing helps you deal with stress in divorce through the expression of your anger, swimming helps you exercise your muscles and is probably even better at helping relieve divorce stress. Do you want to deal with divorce stress? Why don’t you do that and at the same time keep fit, killing two birds with a stone? Swimming is the number 1 sport that exercises every single muscle and ligament in your body. Even if you don’t know how to swim, swimming instructor Singapore can help you a lot in this regard. When you are done swimming, you will be too tired and healthily fulfilled for any divorce issue that might lead to stress. Keep fit, channel your energy, and focus on something positive while also enjoying yourself by tanning by the pool regularly. When you engage in outdoor swimming, you will realize in no time that you do not have the time to be stressed by divorce because you will be in a very great place with yourself and your body that a new phase of your relationship will have started even before the divorce is finalized. There are found to be guys that catch your fancy at the pool center or even when you get to the office (if you swim in your outdoor pool) and whether you agree or not, this proves that swimming is the single best and fastest way to survive divorce and start the next phase of your life after a divorce.


As a man or woman going through a divorce, whichever activity or combination of outdoor activities you choose to help you cope with divorce stress, make sure to be true to yourself and try to give yourself time to heal psychologically, emotionally, and physically. This will help you combat the divorce stress, keep you stable, and get you ready for the next phase in your love life. The best is yet to come.