April 21, 2024
purifying water

Water makes up 60% of adults’ bodies  it is vital to our existence, with humans only able to survive without water for three days on average.

The ability to find and create clean water is therefore a potentially life-saving skill.

It is easy to underestimate how easily water can become contaminated and unsafe to drink. Being able to properly purify water yourself when you are out in the wild can be the difference between life and death. Learning this sort of skill will also help you to feel the positive impact of camping all the more.

purifying water

Use a water filter straw

It is important when you are out in the wild not to wait until you’re thirsty before seeking clean water; you need to have access to it when you need it. Equally, you don’t want to be weighed down by bottles of water and too much gear. This is where a water filter straw can be a lifesaver.  The straw works by squeezing contaminated water through its tiny fibrous holes and filtering out the bacteria. It is portable and incredibly light, giving you the ability to filter some water for a quick drink if need be.

Boil contaminated water

Boiling water is the most effective way of purifying contaminated water, and is fortunately very simple to do. However, it is a time-consuming process, which is why purifying water before you are too dehydrated is very important. To boil water effectively, you will need a pot in which to boil the water and a campfire or stove. Simply hang the pot above the heat and wait until the water bubbles for a minimum of five minutes. You can then carefully remove the pot from the heat. You of course need to wait for the water to cool down before drinking it.

Try collecting rainwater

Another way of sourcing water that is incredibly simple and effective is catching rainwater in a clean pot or bag. A lot of rainwater is safe to drink as it is – if it it lands in a clean container without touching anything en route. However, it is advisable to treat rainwater because it can become slightly contaminated by airborne bacteria. However, it will not take long to collect a significant amount of rainwater in a storm, giving you access to a lot of usable water. Simply boil it or add a water purification tablet, which is a good option in an emergency, as the chemicals destroy the germ quickly and harmlessly.

Make sure you are prepared when out and about

It is easy to take water for granted in the developed world; simply turn on a faucet or open a bottle and you can drink it in no time. However, being out in the sticks is a different story, especially if you are alone and/or in an unfamiliar place. By having appropriate equipment that is not too heavy and planning well, you give yourself the beat chance of being able to find water and purify it before you become dangerously dehydrated.

Article Written By; Sally