May 20, 2024
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These tips will make you a better bow hunter

With the warm summer months fast approaching, the archery season too is not far away. You have your own personal style and plans of shooting, your gears are in place, and you are all set. Though you perhaps know everything, there still are some tips that will prove to be of immense help to you, particularly if you are going bow hunting for the first time. So, without wait, let us get to discover these 5 helpful bow hunting tips. You can also learn more by listening to a good hunting and archery podcast.

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  1. Explore the location

Before the shooting season begins it will be a great idea to explore the area and learn as much about it as you can. There is so much going on in the woods, and if you feel you will just walk into the area, find a buck, shoot it and be back home, you perhaps may get disappointed.

It will thus be wise to visit the location, and look for all signs that show where deer and bucks exist. Be watchful for signs of past deer, animal trails, and areas from where they get their water and food. Ideally you should visit the place in the off-season, and explore the area carefully and thus get fully ready.

  1. Plant food plots

No matter where you will go hunting, planting food plots in that area is a very good idea. If you have access to that area, maintaining it will only help improve the health of the deer present there, which certainly is a great thing. Deer like different types of food in different season, and it varies greatly depending on the area you live in.

Planting food only around your stands is not enough, instead, plant them along the deer trails, and this will help make sure the deer enjoy a good regular healthy diet. They will be more active and healthy, and when you go out hunting it will be a lot easier for you to catch a big one when they come to eat.

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  1. Your safety is important

Safety is always important, and you need to give importance to it even when you go out hunting. So, make sure you invest in a quality quiver, and do not shoot when you have no idea where a miss may go, and as far as stand hunting is concerned you must have a tree stand harness.

Most hunters do not give enough importance to this but a good safety stand harness is essential for any hunter who uses stands while shooting. You might want to look brave, but remember, a fall from the tree can not only hurt you but also prove to be fatal. So, be safe. Catching a big deer, but falling and hurting yourself in the process, will do you no good.

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  1. Practicing is necessary

Practicing whatever form you follow is absolutely essential. Hunting is quite a complicated art and some hunters eventually forget that they also need to shoot properly. This type of attitude is pretty common amongst those hunters that make use of easy to shoot and accurate modern equipment.

A complete miss is not good, but a bad shot is simply worse. It will make the deer suffer unnecessarily, and you might completely lose it too. You have to keep a sharp form, and see it that you are able to shoot at varying distances. Make sure you invest in a rangerfinder for bow so that it becomes easier to hit a target from different areas.

  1. You must be patient

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Novice hunters usually are in a hurry and they will shoot without carefully thinking. However, to be a good bow hunter you need to know where and when you should take a shot, and you must do that with confidence. Let the deer get closer or into some open area, or however you have earlier planned, instead of just sighting a deer and shooting. Be patient and careful, and the results will be exactly what you have desired.

The simple tips given above will certainly help you become a better bow hunter. But together with the tips given above, it is your experience that will help you get even better by the day. You may make few mistakes initially, but that should not affect your confidence. Just keep the above-given tips in mind, be confident, and you will gradually master the skills and become a great bow hunter.

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