June 23, 2024


e-merse gopack

Good afternoon fellow sportsman and sportswomen. Today’s outdoor gear product review is for the E-Merse GoPack from Seattle Sports Co. This is a waterproof backpack that allows you to take your valuable equipment in the great outdoors and protect them from snow or water. However, before I get to the review, I need to get the boring stuff over and done with. Please bear with me.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the E-Merse GoPack for free from Seattle Sports Co. in consideration for a gear review.

Like I said, the boring stuff! Well, now that it is over with, how about that review? As stated earlier, the E-merse GoPack is a waterproof backpack. So naturally I think of all the outdoor activities we love to do that exposes us to the unpleasant weather. You can be hiking or camping just to have it rain or snow. Boating on the lake or canoeing/kayaking down the river is definitely where you would like this waterproof backpack. The E-Merse GoPack will be great while I am walking down the river trout fishing too. Think about how useful the E-Merse GoPack will be when mountain biking out in the great outdoors? How great will the backpack be while out hunting? The outdoor applications are endless.

The obvious “valuables” are our cell phones or any other electronic device we carry with us in the great outdoors. Other items that come to mind are binoculars, range finders and other expensive gadgets we wish to keep from getting wet as much as possible. What about the other not so obvious valuables that we want to keep dry. I am thinking of a dry pair of socks, a dry shirt, toilet paper and paper towels. Their uses should be obvious and are just as important to keep dry.

e-merse gopacke-merse gopacke-merse gopack

To open and use the E-Merse GoPack is a three-step process.

First you move the slide bar in the direction marked open on the bar. You then pull apart the Velcro tab and expose the zip lock closure. The zip lock closure acts just like the sandwich bags you get for school or work lunches or the zip lock freezer storage bags. The only difference is that the system for the E-Merse GoPack is much thicker and more solid. Once you place the desired items inside the backpack you simply reverse the process to secure them. After you have the zip lock system closed, the Velcro re-attached and the slide bar back into place you now have your valuables protected from moisture. A hint for closing the slide bar is to start with the side that is labeled close on the bar and then slide it all the way until it won’t go any further. This will make sure that the E-Merse GoPack is fully enclosed.

e-merse gopack

To test the E-Merse GoPack I decide to throw in a cell phone, a roll of toilet paper, dry socks and a dry t-shirt. I then decided to be a little mean and put a couple of rocks in the backpack and dunk it in the river.

It wasn’t more than 10 feet deep but I thought the force of the running water might compromise the backpack. I figure if I really wanted these items to be dry when I needed them then the E-Merse GoPack better do it’s job and be there when I decide to do what I love outside. So, I tied some cord to the packed backpack dropped in the river by the bank and tied the other end of the cord to a tree. I then left to bait my deer blind and let the river do its thing. I left the E-Merse GoPack in the river for 50 minutes. Upon my return I fetched the backpack out of the river and discovered all my items were still dry.

e-merse gopack

The E-Merse GoPack, even though waterproof, is only submersible to 10 feet and that is only if you have it properly secured.

You will want to keep this in mind if you choose to purchase one. That means you will want to tether the backpack when boating, canoeing, kayaking or walking down the river fishing. It is a backpack but I also know that sometimes they just slip off sometimes. Perhaps attaching a carabineer to the straps and anything else so the E-Merse GoPack will not fall in the water and sink to an unsafe level. A little tip for everyone is that when you zip up the backpack don’t squeeze the air out of it and it will actually float a bit.

e-merse gopack

Now the E-Merse GoPack claims you can use your device through the PVC-Free polyurethane wall. This will come in handy if out hiking or camping and it is raining or even snowing. If you don’t already have a weather resistant cover on your phone, the E-merse GoPack could be your life-saver. Of course I had to test this claim and I am pleased to announce that you can use your cell phone through the wall. I was able to swipe on my phone and type in my code to access my phone. I then was able to access my music and play it.

The Seattle Sports Co. also claims that the E-Merse GoPack is cold weather compatible.

I am not sure what the cold weather thresh-hold is they are claiming. But I will definitely put this backpack through the wringer where I live. Of course this will take me into the winter months. So for the sake of getting this review out I will test it in our cooler temperatures. All items that I placed in the E-Merse GoPack and dunked in the river was dry but cold. Of course the temperature was about 45 degrees and that makes the water a bit chilly. The backpack walls were still pliable and I was still able to access my cell phone from outside the pack. I still want to see what single digit temps and negative wind-chills in the deer blind do for the functioning of the backpack.

e-merse gopack

My conclusion is that the E-Merse GoPack does exactly what it advertises. The waterproof backpack keeps your valuables dry and even allows you to use a cell phone through the walls. I am not sure how long the cord straps will last under consistent use though. However, I figure that any use you get out of the E-Merse GoPack that protects an electronic you bring outdoors is well worth the purchase. I may only use the E-Merse GoPack as a container inside another backpack. The E-Merse GoPack will be with me whenever I need to keep my dry items dry.

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As always, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors,

Tim Collins.