July 22, 2024
camo patterns

camo patterns

Are you ready for turkey season this year? Is your bow set up? Have you been to the range to shoot? What’s your camo selection like? Do you have the best camo patterns for turkey season like seen at greybeard outdoors? Here, we will go over the different types of camos available for turkey season. Below, we will go over are choices for the best camos for turkey hunters.

What You Need to Know about Camo for Turkey Season

Turkey hunters hit the woods in spring and fall. During both seasons, the weather is rather warm, which means you don’t need heavy duty gear. You’ll be able to stay warm with lightweight clothing. Just imagine the feeling, you are out in the wild and hunt a Turkey then cook it in your lightweight camping cookware. Excellent, isn’t it? In general, you want to choose a pattern that features a woodland/brush elements. We’ve picked the very best below and reviewed them for your benefit.

It’s important to remember that turkey hunters need to stay hidden. A turkey has a very acute sense of sight and is prone to escapes when spooked. If hunters don’t have an effective shot, they may leave the woods empty handed. Turkey appropriate camouflage gives hunters the upper hand, it allows them to blend into any landscape when they sit motionless in the woods. However, as anyone will know you need to be comfortable when sitting motionless, so it’s important to choose cozy clothes that feature the appropriate patterns.

When covered in the right camo, a hunter may get away with an ill thought out move. However, a hunter who isn’t wearing the right camo will certainly spook a turkey and ruin his hunt and probably any of his buddies that are in the woods too.

Camo Pattern Choices and Quietness of Clothes

Believe it or not, not all camo patterns are created the same. You’ll need to think about what camo you need to wear and how quiet the camo will be in the woods. It’s important to match your camo to the surroundings around you. The best turkey hunters will have a whole array of clothing in their closet.

camo patterns

In the spring, you should choose camo that is mostly brown and gray. When leaves begin to sprout on the trees, you should choose a pattern with a heavy green leaf emphasis. Turkey hunters that hit the woods when there is snow on the ground should wear all white. The biggest manufacturers of hunting apparel on the market will put out new patterns every year, but you don’t need new to buy new camos every year. Instead, simply follow the basic rules below and choose a pattern that can be used for more than just one season.

Mossy Oak Obsession

One of our favorites is the Obsession pattern from Mossy Oak. In this pattern, Mossy Oak uses several innovative elements that allow you to get close to small game. The background is light with textured bark, spring and fall colors, limbs, and lots of shadows throughout. With this pattern, Mossy Oak delivers clothing that easily replicates nature. Due to its uniqueness, you can wear it as soon as bow season opens and continue to wear it until spring season ends.

Realtree MAX-5

Another favorite turkey hunting camo pattern favorite comes from Realtree. The pattern in this camo features flooded timber, prairies, marshes, agricultural fields, grasslands, mudflats, and anywhere else you might find geese and ducks. When wearing these camos, your outline will be broke up to help keep you concealed from turkey, big game, and other predators in the area. It’s especially popular with hunters that hunt in areas that are sparsely green.

Realtree MAX-4

It’s no surprise that another of our favorites is also from Realtree. The Realtree MAX-4 is ideal in areas with open terrain. When there are no geographical limitations, a hunter can simply melt into grasslands, deserts, marshes, croplands, or even a treetop when wearing this camo pattern. Another bonus associated with this camouflage is that it’s good for turkey, whitetail, big game, and small game hunting. What that means is you don’t need a dozen different camo patterns in your closet to hunt all year long.

Mossy Oak Shadow Leaf

It’s time to talk about Mossy Oak again. The Shadow Leaf camo pattern features realistic leaves, shadows, and limbs. When wearing this pattern, you’ll blend into spring woods excellently, which makes this pattern ideal for late-Spring turkey hunting and early bow season for deer.

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