May 20, 2024
best Hunting Boots

best Hunting BootsWith every sport or hobby, you need the right gear for protection and efficiency. Hunting is one of those recreational activities that have loads of health benefits. It lets you exercise without it feeling like you’re going out of your way to stay fit since you enjoy the physical exertion that comes with the pursuit of animals.

Reliable hunting boots are essential for you to excel in this sport. The forest is not the most comfortable are to trudge on, and sturdy outdoor footwear can make all the difference. The last thing you would want is to burst your boots in the middle of an exciting hunt!

If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of hunting boots, here are some pointers to remember so that you find the best one to suit your needs:

1. Determine the Intensity of Your Hunting Activities

No one-size-fits-all boot can accommodate all types of activities you’ll be doing in the wild. Before anything else, you ought to identify how rigorous your hunting will be before you buy one for your next hunting trip. Whether you’re planning to wait on your prey or run around and chase it, knowing the two major types of hunting can help you to determine the kind of boots you should purchase:

  • Active Hunt – This is a type of hunt that involves heavy activity especially with your feet. You’ll be doing a lot of running, walking, climbing, and ducking here, so you need boots that can keep up with your movements.
  • Sedentary Hunt – This is a type of hunt that pertains to waiting for the target animal to draw near you. It still involves some running and walking after you have lured the prey to the perfect spot, but it’s not as intense as an active hunt.

2. Know the Different Types of Hunting Boots

Hunting can be done on various terrains from steep mountains to rocky plains. After determining how strenuous your activities will be, you must familiarize yourself with the different kind of hunting boots and their ideal places of use.

This type of outdoor footwear can be classified into four categories:

  • High Country – If you’re planning to hunt on steep and rough terrains, high country hunting boots are the ideal for you. It provides exceptional ankle and foot support which can be very useful when climbing up a hill and chasing after rams, sheep, or deer.
  • Upland – Bird hunters will need to purchase this type of boots. It is lightweight and allows you to dash before your prey flies away. Upland boots typically have a soil-shredding sole feature to prevent mud from sticking to it.
  • Overboots – For sedentary hunting, overboots are your best bet. This outdoor footwear has impressive protective insulation for temperatures as low as -110°F temperature, so you can also use it during the harsh winter months.
  • Rubber – Rubber boots are the ultimate choice for hunting on wet, muddy, and marshy places like swamps and creeks. Because it is made from vulcanized rubber, it provides superior defense from wetness.

3. Find the Right Size

While sizing is crucial for your other shoes, it is most critical when choosing hunting boots. The wrong size of footwear will not only make you uncomfortable during the hunt, but it will also increase the risk of sprains and fractures.

These are the factors you should take into consideration to get the right-sized boots:

  • Socks – It’s best to bring your socks when you try on different kinds of boots especially if you plan on wearing thick ones during the activity.
  • Fit – Don’t assume that your size will be the same for two pairs of boots from different manufacturers. It won’t be. That’s why it’s safer to try on the shoes in person and walk around wearing it for some time to determine if it fits you right.
  • Width – The width of a person’s foot is often neglected when looking for footwear because it’s the length that is measured. However, this plays a significant role in how comfortable you’ll be with your boots.
  • Bloating – Your feet can actually have different sizes throughout the day. It is recommended to shop for shoes late in the afternoon to early evening since that’s when your feet will be on its biggest form.
  • Security – While the perception of comfort and safety are subjective, the pair you buy should make your feet feel secure and at ease. It should never, at any point in time, fall off your feet since this can cause horrible injuries.


While it may take time, you should never compromise the quality of your hunting boots. You must always select the right outdoor footwear for your trip because this lessens the possibility of accidents. Wearing the right boots size also ensures that you stay dry, comfortable, and safe from the beginning of the hunt up until the end.