April 24, 2024

The mind truly is a powerful thing. And, most people don’t realize that the mind is much more than just a collection of knowledge, memories and ideals. It is the ability to take a simple thought and to turn it into something meaningful, the ability to adapt to the situation and environment that you are in and the ability to keep your thought clear when everything seems truly hopeless. It really takes a special kind of mind to be a survivalist. The survivalist can thrive over others that are more intelligent. So, how does the survivalist do this? In really comes down to the mind.


Learning To Stay Calm Under Pressure 

People that are considered hot heads or react emotionally have very little chance of surviving in a disastrous situation. Sometimes it is easy to have a natural reaction to something. Your body actually does things without thinking about them. This is where you are going to have to train your brain and body to stop, think, observe and plan. It is then after this when you will be able to properly act.

  • Stop – Sit down somewhere and get your emotions and body in check. This will allow you to clear your head completely and focus on the situation at hand.
  • Think – Look at the situation and everything that it entails
  • Observe – Look at everything around you. What obstacles are you face and what options do you have to overcome them? Weigh all your options. Make sure that you are using your brain and good senses, not your emotions.
  • Plan – Now will be the time to come up with an ingenious plan to attack the situation.

Learn To Adapt And Improvise

Being able to adapt to any environment is one of the hallmarks of a good survivalist. You can read a lot of handy and helpful articles at Pursuing Outdoors, but it is the planning for every possible outcome or situation and having a response in mind that will make you successful. Of course, you can’t plan for everything and there are going to be scenarios that you face that you never even considered possible. You have to learn to utilize the tools and resources that you have at your disposal and force a positive outcome. This might require some responding, assessing and rethinking at time, but it will bring you the success that you seek.

Be Decisive  

You do want to think things through, but you have to be careful not to think things through too much. In any situation you need to have what it takes to be able to pull the trigger. Going back between one choice and another is exactly how you end up over-thinking things. You just have to learn to make an informed decision and live with the outcome. You can’t blame the outcome on anyone else but yourself and you cannot sit around and be afraid of failure. Of course, once the situation is over it is easy to rethink the whole process and figure how things might have turned out different.

Article Written By; Kevin Adams