April 21, 2024

What’s the big deal with Crossbows? Do they allow a hunter to take a 200 yard shot? Can you shoot a bolt (crossbow arrow) into a mountain side like in the movies? Can they really do any of that stuff we have all come know from watching all the 007 movies? I am no expert, but from what I understand, the answer is no. So what’s the big advantage to hunting with a crossbow?

In Illinois where I am located, the whole hunting community (the vocal ones anyway) are in a mad rage because the wonderful state of Illinois is catching up with the times and allowing “some” hunting with a crossbow for anyone. The started a new law letting any hunter with an archery permit hunt with a crossbow after December 3rd. That is a big change from the past when the only people that could ever use a crossbow were hunters with disabilities or a hunter over the age of 62. Pretty much everyone agreed that was fair as we all want everyone to have the ability to get out and hunt. But now that everyone can use them just like most other states, they are all in rage and blaming the state.

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