April 12, 2024
October 13th 2012 at 5:30 a.m. Bailey and me where off to the deer stand in the bottoms on the farm. We had planned to go to a Fayette County farm, but things come up and our plans changed! My oldest LITTLE girl and Dad were going deer hunting!!!

The morning was slow and chilly as we watched for deer. It was about 7:30 a.m. when Bailey started nodding off. I sat looking at my 10 year old! My 10 year old who it seemed like yesterday we brought home from the hospital! She is growing up way to fast and I was enjoying every minute of this deer hunt with my little girl!
It was about 8:30 a.m. when I noticed Bailey was getting cold! I asked her if she wanted to get down and walk to the back field to look for deer. She said it was up to me, but I could tell she was ready to move around and get warm! So we got down and went for a walk!
While we were walking I was pretty sure we would not see any deer! Honestly I did not care! It was a blessing just to spend time with my little girl! We walked to the back field with no luck! We started heading back in the direction of the stand when I saw several does coming into the field in front of us! We had a grown -up fence line between us and them. There was 7 or 8 does that made it out into the field!
We eased our way down the fence line and got into position. She picked out a doe on the edge of the field and woods. I hoped for the best! She pulled the trigger and I saw the doe jump straight up and then do a face plant. She ran about 20 yards with just her back legs moving and her face plowing up dirt. The doe piled up in the middle of the field! Bailey just killed a big doe!
We walked over to the doe and even with our excitement she looked at me and said you do know Jake will flip his lid! Yep Jake might disown me and his sister! So she helped me come up with a plan! I did tell her it was her deer 100% fair and square and did not have to put the plan in place. She laughed and said let’s do the plan!!! The plan we contrived was to tell Jake that we found a deer bedded down!
We rushed home and told Jake about the doe bedded down! He was fired up! We grabbed Jake’s 22 Cricket rifle and his little brother Josh to head to the bedded down doe! Wink! Wink! Brinley cried to go, sorry mom but think she will be a hunter too!!! Bailey me and the boys all loaded in the truck and headed to the bottoms!
We got to the bottoms and were far enough away to where you could just see the white of the doe’s belly! Jake was about to pass out with excitement! Bailey was running the video camera with a huge smile on her face! Jake got his rifle aimed and fired! He looked at us and said I think I drilled her! I loaded another round in his rifle and said shoot again just to be sure! He shot and said he got her! Josh yelled out great shot Jake give me high five!!!
What a day! I got to spend time with my Bailey girl and my two mischievous boys! I got to see my little girl show how much she loves her little brother! I got to see Josh get excited about his big brother’s shooting! God is GOOD!!!
I figure we will tell Jake one day what we done! I would imagine it will be after he really shoots a buck! (For safety reasons)!
If I was to shoot a world record buck, it would not compare to this hunt! I give God the glory for such an awesome day with my kids in His creation! I would also like to say Thanks and Sorry to my wonderful, awesome, fabulous wife!! Thanks for putting up with the hunting stuff! Sorry (not really) for having 4 kids that want to hunt!!!

Until next time get out and enjoy Gods creation!