April 23, 2024

Face masks have become a central part of our life amid coronavirus, but patients or people using glasses are in the dilemma of dealing with foggy glasses, which has become a common problem as soon as you step out of your home. Glasses fog due to condensation of water vapors, and there are varieties of antifog options available on the market to solve this issue.

Let us look into some best types of antifog for glasses that are available in different forms:


Wipes are easy to carry in your bag or pocket and are better options than bottled forms. They are appropriately moistened to get rid of the fog efficiently without the fear of applying more or less. However, they tend to be a little costly.


Antifog liquids are available in bottles in the form of sprays or droplets. It can be budget-friendly with enough solution to last up to several months once you have an idea of how much of a solution to spatter on a single application.


If you use an antifog balm, a little effort is required because most balms must be buffered through the lens with a cloth for the best results. It is one of the best ways to clean your glasses from the fog. They are compact and lightweight, so easy to carry, and are available at cheaper rates.

How would antifog wax work for your glasses?

Wax are the best solution to foggy glasses as they work well for plastic or glass material. So whether you want to clear your face shields or your spectacles, sunglasses, or safety glasses, they would be helpful. You have to dab some wax on the glass and rub it with a microfiber cloth.

It will also help you from getting your glasses foggy in humid and summer weather when you move out of your car or room. It gets irritable first to clean your glass lenses and then move forward.

Antifog wax will also prove best if you have fine scratches or smudges on your glasses or lenses. It will not remove them but will make it crystal clear not to show the fine lines on your glasses when you are using them, hence providing you with a clear vision.

Uses of antifog wax

Antifog wax has vast usage for not only any glasses, face shields, or helmets but also for car windows, camera lenses, shower doors, or your bathroom mirror. When you use it repeatedly, it produces a layer over the glasses and protects your glasses from condensation when you are having a steam bath or a drive on a foggy night.

Its variable use can also be beneficial to avoid fingerprints on your tablets, laptops, and your smartphones.  It will also prevent your gadgets from dust particles, oil, and makeup. Antifog wax are used not only at homes but are beneficial for nurses, doctors, firefighters, cooks, or anyone working with a shield or glasses. It is also useful for outdoor enthusiasts like skiers, swimmers, or athletes.