June 23, 2024

Do you ever have one of those moments when a feeling just hits you?  That moment when everything is just right and you see why you do the things you do.  A time where the real reason shows itself clear as day.  I had that moment yesterday while eating dinner with my wife and two children.

We were doing what we do and what everyone else in the world does just about every day.  We were sitting down after a long weekend day of doing chores, playing baseball, relaxing and just enjoying the weekend as a family.  We were all around the table for our evening meal.  This meal was kinda special.  For one, it was Mother’s Day and we were all actually sitting around the table at once.  Second, we were eating a turkey that I just shot two days before.  It was my first ever turkey and honestly, none of us have ever had wild turkey before.  So we were all pretty excited.  Even my wife which is surprising because she doesn’t care for wild game very much.  But, this isn’t about any of that.  This is about the moment during that meal that I was in peace with the world and realized I am a provider to the three most important people in my life.  I am not only a provider, but I am a hunter.  I use my natural ability and instinct to pursue and hunt wild game in order to provide food for my family.  That is why I hunt!  That is why I gather!  That is why I teach, inform and learn everything I can about being a hunter/gatherer.  That is why I will make sure my children learn all I know about surviving off the environment so they can be a provider when time is needed.

Take a moment next time you are sitting with your loved ones for a meal you provided them from the wild and reflect and be proud of being a hunter.