May 27, 2024

children firearms

By Matt Staser

With the upcoming hunting seasons here or soon to be here, many are finding themselves not as prepared as they thought.  That is includes me.  I look at the calendar and quickly realize that bow season starts in less than a week but more importantly, our youth gun season for deer starts in just over two weeks.  As we frantically try and get everything ready, I reflect on what we did last year in preparation for my kid’s first year behind the sights.


Their whole lives I have kept a gun in their hands as much as I could.  But I don’t let them run around the house with dart guns or other toy guns as I believe at a real young age, that instills a false sense of security with handling the real thing.   So I take advantage of my love for shooting and let them experience everything shooting that I can offer them.  If they are curious, I want it to be around me and not someone else.  If they want to shoot something and I can make it happen, I will.  To a point.  There is obviously a safety line and I will abide by it.