June 12, 2024
fishing survival kit

Are you someone who likes fishing and passionate about learning new tricks and tips for fishing everyday. Catching a fish could be very tricky and you need to make sure that your baits are good enough to be able to catch a fish or else all your efforts would go in vain.

You can make a DIY Survival fishing kit for yourself so that whenever you are next on a camping trip you can make use of it. It is a must have for the outdoor survivalists. Fishes have protein in them and they can turn out to be really great survival food during the time of a survival mission.

In this tutorial, we will share the trips and tricks on how to make your own survival kit. We feel that it’s always better to build your own survival kit so you would know how to use them and make it again if required.

These steps are easy to follow and can be stored very easily so it sure does come really handy at the time of need. So just sit back and follow the steps and make your own survival kit in just no time.

Steps Involved in Making Your Own Survival Fishing Kit  

Follow these steps to build your own Survival Fishing Kit easily and make use of it whenever needed,

Material for your survival kit  

You would have to collect all the material that is required to build your survival kit. Few of these materials are as follows:

fishing survival kit

–   1” Threaded PVC Adapter

–   1” PVC pipe of 10” length

–   PVC Cleaner

–   PVC Cement

–   ScrapWood

–   Paracord

–   Small washer

–   Fishing Line Drill bit 1/8” and 1/16”

–   Hand drill

You would also need fishing lures to attract the fishes to your rod:

–   Lures

–   Hooks

–   Bobbers

–   Swivels

–   Sinkers


  1. Attaching Threaded PVC adapter to Pipe

fishing survival kit

After you have successfully arranged the material, the first step of making the kit would be to attach the PVC pipe to the adapter. This can be done using a glue or cement. But we would suggest you use the glue. So that if in future the fitting becomes loose you can easily fix them.

Clean the area from where you are planning to attach both the PVC pipes, using PVC cleaner and then put both the pieces together using PVC Cement. Let the pipes stay still for 30mins.

  1. Add the Lanyard

With the help of the drilling machine drill two equidistant holes on the PVC cap and lace the paracord into the pipe and tie a knot. It becomes a holder for your fishing kit which makes it easier to carry around the camp.

After you have done that you need to make an end cap for the survival kit, many kits have a PVC end but we suggest that you get one that is made of wood. So cut the wooden material in such a way that it resembles the PVC cap and fits right on to it. Attach that cap to the end of the pipe and move on to the next step.

  1. Drill Holes

After the cap has been attached the next thing to do would be to drill holes to attach the fishing hook on to the rod. You don’t have to make them very deep as they are just there to secure the hook. Once that’s done almost half of the work for your survival kit is done. You can hang the baits to these hooks to get a better chance of attracting fishes to your rod.

These rods don’t work as the crankbait rod but they sure do solve he purpose of helping you at the time of need. From the list of the above mentioned items make sure to carry the fishing baits along with you, this would come in handy while you try to catch a fish for yourself.

  1. Adding Fishing Line to the Rod

After the above steps are completed successfully the next on your list would be to drill a small hole into the PVC Pipe, then thread one end of the line and let the other one come out of the kit.

Now you need to add the washer to this fishing line. This washer would make sure that the fishing line is strong and it stays in the rod. We want to make sure that we prevent it from coming out. Once that’s done you will have to put the washer inside the kit and wrap the fishing line around the PVC pipe. Make sure you wrap this nicely because only then it would unspool like it does front he cranbait rod and other high end fishing rods.

Start Packing  

Once you are done with all the above mentioned steps we would suggest to you that you can start packing the kit with all the essentials you might need. A multipurpose knife or medicine that would want to carry or you could keep you fishing baits inside, that would also work just fine.

One thing that we would like to suggest you would be, wrap the paracord around the body of the survival kit. This would solve two purposes, one would be that it would give a grip to the kit, making it easier to hold and the second would be that paracord comes in really handy during the time of survival mission. So you can keep some with you just to be safe.

What to Expect?  

Camping and outdoor survivals could be a lot tricky and one needs to make sure that if they go out they go well prepared with everything that might need. Survival fishing kit is helpful but one needs to know, how to use it properly to be able to help themselves survive whatever comes your way.

Making this kit is really easy if you follow the steps mentioned in our tutorial. If you face any issues in any of the above mentioned steps, you may look for video tutorials as well. We hope you liked our tutorial and request you to like and share our tutorial with friends and family.

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Article Written By; Demi Rose

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