June 12, 2024
renegade camo light


renegade camo light

Today’s outdoor product gear review is for the LuminAid Renegade Camo Light. The Renegade Camo Light is a solar charged packable light. This light is great for camping, fishing, hunting, hiking and in an emergency kit in your vehicle. Before I get to the review, I need to provide a product disclaimer.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Renegade Camo Light for free from LuminAid in consideration for a gear review.

Great, I am glad that is done. Now for the review. Talk about a very interesting idea for a light. The Renegade Camo Light is a solar charged light. The light is waterproof and floats. The light is also housed in an inflatable container. The inflatable container has a built-in handle for carrying or hanging. You do not need to inflate it for it to be waterproof. However if you want it to float you should inflate it.

renegade camo light

The Renegade Camo Light comes folded up and is about the size of an eyeglass case.

When inflated the light is about half the size of a small throw pillow. One side of the light is the traditional camouflage color while the other side is clear to allow the light to shine through. The Renegade Camo Light takes about seven hours in direct sunlight to fully charge. So far the charge is holding up very well.

renegade camo light renegade camo lightrenegade camo light

The Renegade Camo Light has three settings; low, high and extra bright.

The low setting is about 20 lumens. The high setting is about 35 lumens and the extra bright setting is about 65 lumens. There is plenty of light available for any situation that arises. The low setting is great for inside tents, cabins or vehicles. The high and extra bright setting is great for outdoor open areas.

renegade camo light

What I like the most about the Renegade Camo Light is that it is waterproof and floats. Matched with a long charged battery life, it makes the light very valuable for emergency situations. I keep mine in my hunting pack. Since I carry the pack with me at all times when I am in the woods, it just makes good sense for me. The Renegade Camo Light will make a welcome addition in the rifle deer blind as well.

I like the Renegade Camo Light and recommend it for everyone. It may be a bit of an unusual way to make a light, but it works like it is supposed to.

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Have a great day and enjoy the outdoors,
Tim Collins.