July 11, 2024

Here are a few new recipes that some members posted on our Facebook page. They all sound great.

Kevin Dolan – Grilled Doves

10 doves
Green Chili

Stuff Green Chili or Jalapenos in each dove
wrap bacon around dove, hold in place with toothpick
Place on grill

Jeffrey More – Elk Steaks

Take 6 steaks or more if needed and pound them thin on both sides with tenderizer hammer and then take a tablespoon of Philadelphia cream cheese and smear on one side lay on strip of bacon roll tight and season with southern seasoning or your favorite and SLOW cook on the grill. Melt in your mouth!

Matt Daniel – Hidden Valley Burgers

I tell you what, I have an elk &/or deer recipie that is a hit with kids, and every single adult that I have fed it to!! Take a pound of burger, and then add a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch to it for burgers! Even my kids get exceited when I make that! Grill em up & add whatever you would like on a normal burger