May 18, 2024
Lumingear Lighting Company

Lumingear Lighting CompanyBT40S bike lightArticle Written By; Tim Collins, Good afternoon everyone today’s product review is for the Lumingear Lighting Company Nightfighter BT40S bike light. The BT40S bike light comes with 3 different size O-rings and a Velcro strap to fit several different size handlebars. The BT40S bike light also has four different light settings, low – medium – high and turbo. Yes, you read that right, turbo! This should be the indication of just how bright the bike light can be. The bike light is also made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum with a Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. The bike light is powered by four BAK 18650 rechargeable Li-on batteries.

BT40S bike lightEnough of the technical stuff, let’s get to how the BT40S bike light performed. Since I do not have a lot of time for biking, I had my co-worker/friend Matt Hall put the BT40S bike light through the ringer. He does a lot of mountain biking and I knew he would be able to test and appreciate (or not) the quality of the bike light. The first impression we had when we opened up the box was this is a serious piece of equipment. You could feel and see the quality instantly. The battery pack charged quickly and, as stated earlier, provided more than enough power to illuminate the trail. The low setting provides 480 lumens for a runtime of almost 13 hours while the turbo setting provides a whopping 1600 lumens for about 3 hours. All the settings from low to turbo provided adequate illumination in low-light conditions, even in mist and fog. The turbo setting turns nighttime into daylight. The lighting comes from the utilization of four Cree XP-G2 Neutral White LEDs. There is no doubt that the BT40S bike light will help you stay safe while biking by seeing well and being seen.

BT40S bike lightThe BT40S bike light is impact resistant up to 1 meter. The light was dropped several times on purpose and it came through without a scratch and made it seem bulletproof. The BT40S bike light is also water resistant. To test the claim, the light was soaked with a water hose and the unit still worked without any problems. No doubt, the BT40S bike light will last a long time under the conditions of biking whether around town, on the open road or even on dirt trails and two-track roads through the woods. The light also features 4 colors and 5 modes LED indicator showing the remaining battery life so you will better know when the battery pack needs recharged for your next adventure. These mountain bike night lights are also very lite and does not hinder the operation of your bike in any way.

BT40S bike lightThe only weak point of the BT40S bike light was that the unit becomes very hot after being used for a while. Now, in fairness, this detail is clearly indicated in the users manual as a warning. However, the light gets hot enough that using the push button for controlling the light becomes difficult. See, you need to push the button and hold it for a couple of seconds to switch intensities or shutting off the light and if you are not careful you will be surprised. Perhaps a toggle switch on the cord or battery pack would be a better solution. It does not make the BT40S bike light dangerous, just uncomfortable when touching the unit.

Overall, the BT40S bike light is impressive, did not disappoint and I would recommend it to everyone. I would like to thank Matt Hall for helping me with this review and hope everyone who reads this review enjoyed it.

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Tim Collins.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received BT40S Bike Light for free from Lumingear Lighting Company in consideration for review publication.