June 12, 2024



Today’s review is for the MultiSeat. This heavy duty seat designed to be folded and packable so you can have a sturdy seat where you need it. All you need is a tree or post and you can attach the MultiSeat and have a chair. The MultiSeat will be great for hunting, fishing or camping. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of the review, I first need to provide a product disclaimer. So, here comes the boring stuff;

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received MultiSeat for free from MultiSeat Inc. in consideration for a gear review.

There, that was not too painful. I hope. Now for the good stuff, the product review.

The first thing you notice about the MultiSeat is that it’s heavy. The seat is built very solid and very sturdy.

The seat comes ready to throw on your back and pack into your outdoor destination. Even though the MultiSeat is packable, you should also remember that it isn’t a backpack. It does not sit against your back softly or contours to your back. However, once set up, it will also hold its own weight. At this time they do not have a weight restriction on the seat. They did do a test on the seat and it did hold a 180 lb. person and 240 lbs of sand at the same time. Do the math that is 420 lbs of strength. What other seat do you know of who can brag about that?!


The greatest feature of the MultiSeat is the ability to set it up at any height you need it to be. The seat is terrain friendly; a flat terrain is not needed. Simply find a hunting spot you want and attach the seat to the tree. The MultiSeat gets you off the ground so if it rains or snows you don’t need to worry about getting wet.

Use the MultiSeat for deer hunting, turkey hunting, predator hunting, camping, fishing and even hiking. The MultiSeat works for rifle and bow-hunting alike.

If you hunt on the move a lot and do not prefer deer blinds, then the MultiSeat will make your hunting easier. If you like fishing from shore then find a tree near your favorite spot and set up the seat for comfortable fishing. When you feel like moving to a new spot simply unstrap the seat, move to another location and then re-attach the seat again. Use the MultiSeat while camping to gain another seat by the campfire. How about when you are hiking and need to rest but don’t have a place to sit other than the ground? Carry your MultiSeat with you and then you can set up a chair wherever you want to rest from a tough hike.


The MultiSeat is also waterproof. So, if you want to leave it out overnight or for a couple days it will be just fine. In fact, the material used to make the seat allows you to bone-out meat in the field or clean fish for a shore lunch. Simply wash the MultiSeat when you’re done and it is good to go for your next adventure. The MultiSeat is going to come to you looking like a spider web of straps, but do not worry it is not as complicated as it may look. There are two buckles that hold the seat to the tree and all you have to do to get started is unbuckle the straps and unravel them from around the seat. This will allow the seat to unfold and be ready to set up. These are also the straps that will be used to attach the MultiSeat to the tree. A handy piece of advice for these straps is that while they are wrapped around the seat for packing in, you can actually use them for cinching down gear. For example, strap in your rifle, shotgun, bow or crossbow to free up your hands. I strapped on my crossbow with no problem.


As I mentioned earlier, the 2 straps used to keep the seat folded for transport are used to attach the MultiSeat to the tree. To attach the seat to the tree you simply wrap the webbing around the tree, hook it into the buckles and tighten the straps down. Even though this is all that is required to attach the seat to the tree, the flexibility of the seat makes this task a little frustrating. No worries though, I will share the easiest way I discovered to attach the seat. I found that if you lean the seat back against the tree while it is sitting on the ground, it is easy to run the top strap around the tree and thread the web through the buckle. Next, tighten the strap so there are a couple inches of play in the straps. Now you can lift the seat back to the desired height, lean against the seat to keep it in place and then tighten the strap firmly against the tree. Now the MultiSeat is secure and you can easily attach the bottom strap to further secure the seat. Now all you need to do is position the leg portion of the seat on the ground. If the seat is too high or too low all you need to do is loosen the 2 straps just a little bit and slide the back up or down to better fit the terrain. There you have it a perfectly solid chair wherever you need it.



The flexibility of the MultiSeat allows you to be creative with the uses for the seat. Fold the seat a little and stand it on its end to make a shooting rest while in the prone position. Leave it flat and use it for lying on the ground while working on your vehicle during those unpleasant and unexpected breakdowns. I have a tree-stand that has a soft back and soft webbed bottom that the squirrels really find tasty. Well, thanks to them, I do not have much of a seat now that really renders my tree-stand kind of useless. I found that I could use the MultiSeat to provide a seat in my tree-stand. Problem solved.

It has been a pleasure to review the MultiSeat. It is surprisingly comfortable, well built and versatile. I highly recommend the MultiSeat to everyone because I know it will last a long time and be useful for many outdoor activities. Thank you for your time to read this article if you enjoyed the read, please share it on your social media.

As always, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors,
Tim Collins.