July 24, 2024
Marine Battery Types

Did you know there are different marine battery types? Read this brief guide to find out what the different types are and when they work best.

Electrical systems cause about 55% of boat fires. This means that it’s vital that you buy the right battery for your boat to prevent the risk of fire on your boat.

Before you buy your next Lithium Trolling Battery, make sure you know the different marine battery types. Use this guide to learn about the different purposes and types of marine batteries.

Marine Batteries 

The technology used in marine batteries is similar to that of other land-use batteries. The difference comes in when you start looking at their construction. Marine batteries work in a harsh environments.

The outer housing will be stronger and have a tighter seal. The plates on the inside are heavier. The solid housing provides consistent performance through heavy vibration and pounding.

Starting Batteries 

These batteries can provide a quick and strong burst of power for a short time. They work best to provide power when starting the engine.

Deep Cycle Batteries 

These batteries work the exact opposite as a starting battery. They discharge slowly over a long time. This makes them perfect for powering your trolling motor and electronic accessories on the boat.

Dual Purpose Batteries 

If you don’t have room for two batteries on your boat, then a dual purpose gives you the functionality of the other two types in one. While you can enjoy these benefits, this type of battery won’t perform as well as single-purpose batteries.

Flooded Batteries 

These are the cheapest batteries on the market. They’re called flooded because there’s a loose liquid inside. When the battery charges, a chemical reaction happens where oxygen and hydrogen gas get vented out.

Because of this, you’ll need to check it regularly and add water. These batteries aren’t the most durable and fare the worst on boats with high vibration.

Gel Batteries 

A gel battery uses the same technology as a flooded battery. The only difference is that it requires zero maintenance because there’s no venting. The sealed construction also prevents leakage.

Mixed in with the liquid is silica, which creates a more viscous material. This makes the battery more resistant to vibration and pounding.

AGM Batteries 

These batteries have glass mat separators that get soaked in the liquid inside of the battery. The battery is sealed, similar to gel batteries.

The gel mats inside make the battery durable against vibration and shock. The extra materials in this battery make them more expensive than the other two options.

Lithium Batteries 

These are the most expensive batteries but also last five times longer than the other types. They charge quickly and are noticeably lighter. When not in use, they discharge slower, so you’ll have a more charged battery when you go to use your boat.

Know the Marine Battery Types

When it’s time to buy a new battery for your boat, it’s important to know what you’re buying. The first step is to figure out the purpose of the battery. Then you can choose from starting, deep cycle, and dual purpose.

Then you need to choose from the marine battery types of flooded, gel, AGM, and lithium.

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