February 25, 2024

Inflatable fishing kayaks have been becoming more and more popular in recent years. This is partially due to the convenience that they have to offer, and partially because the manufacturers have been designing kayaks with a higher degree of integrity. That’s not even mentioning the fact that inflatable models will save you a big chunk of money, and they don’t damage as easily. The ever-evolving world of technology is both apparent, and very visible in the fishing industry in recent years. The reason for that is because fishing is an industry that is never going to die, and many of the top manufacturers are fishermen themselves! Manufacturers are constantly thinking out designs that are better and better to make the life of the average angler as easy as possible. Think about it, why would anyone want their fishing trip to overwork them when it could be fun all the way through? Inflatable kayaks are good example of a well thought out design, especially for fisherman. For example, inflatable kayaks are coming out with more and more features made just for the avid fisherman. Extra storage space, adjustable seats, rod holders, and many other features are being added to accommodate the outdoorsman. We did hours of research on this topic, and basically summed up the whole topic of kayaking as it is a relative to fishing in an inflatable kayak. Hopefully, our research will help you get a sound understanding of how beneficial an inflatable kayak can be to have on your fishing trips.

How Kayaks Have Evolved Over the Years

Kayaks were first used by indigenous hunters in the subarctic regions. In fact, the kayak can be traced back over 4,000 years. Kayaks were primarily made of wood until around the 1950’s. Then, fiberglass kayaks started appearing. After that, plastic models started becoming popular, and then finally inflatable. Over the years, many manufacturers have emerged designing kayaks of all sizes and styles, but for the most part, the majority of traditional kayaks today are designed using a roto-molded polyethylene resin. Inflatable and plastic kayaks have dominated a good part of the freestyle kayaking and fishing markets in recent years as well. This is partially because they are smaller, stronger, more resilient, and easier to pack than fiberglass kayaks. There are certain advantages however, that you will get out of an inflatable model, that no other model has to offer.

Inflatable vs. Traditional

There are a few important benefits that inflatable kayaks will offer a fisherman, that a regular fiberglass or even a plastic kayak cannot. A growing number of fishermen agree that the ability to deploy your kayak at any given point is a plus in fishing, especially if you’re fishing spot requires hiking to the site. There are other benefits as well. For one thing, an inflatable kayak offers added accommodations such as; durability, versatility, weight, and a general low center of gravity. This allows for better turning and overall control when you need it the most! Here are a few pros and cons outlined:


Versatility – Kayaking to your favorite fishing spots can be extremely rewarding in a kayak, because kayaks will offer you access to places that a regular motorboat would have never gotten you. If you know spots with narrow streams, gouges, and coves, or if you live in the swampier areas like the southern Gulf of Mexico regions, where there you could run into moss, algae, or seaweed, kayaking could be the only way you can get to some of the sweetest spots.

Portability – Deploying your kayak from just about anywhere is one of the most beneficial factors when it comes to fishing and other outdoor sports. In the end, it goes without saying that inflatable models will offer unsurpassed portability and convenience.

Cost Effectiveness – Not just a little cost difference here guys… we are talking like $300 to $1000+ dollars you can save by buying an inflatable kayak!

Durability – This is a good one. Inflatable kayaks will bounce off rocks, where your traditional model would be taking dings, dents, and scratches every time you bump something.

Better Displacement and Control – Displacement is something that kayakers are not a stranger to. You will experience more control, and a better general weight displacement with inflatable models, as opposed to traditional models.


Slower – Inflatables tend to be a little bit slower, ad have more drag than traditional models.

The Best Place to Buy an Inflatable Kayak

There are numerous places online where you can buy inflatable kayaks, the problem is finding a place without huge markups. Even some eBay sellers are bad about that. You can also find inflatable kayaks at Walmart and other retail outlets, but we tend to steer away from the mass-produced retail craze, because a lot of times those products unfortunately suffer in terms of quality. Not to say that you can’t get good stuff at Walmart, because that would be a joke, everyone knows better. Likewise, we are not in any way knocking major name brands. But click right here to check out one of the best sites we have seen for getting a quality inflatable kayak. I think you will agree that the prices here are the best, and they carry the best name brands!

Inflatable kayaking is becoming more popular every day. The reason for this is mainly convenience and cost. When you can buy a kayak that will last for years for around $100-$300, why spend $1000 on a model that will be a hassle to lug around, and take hits every time you bump something. In the end, what you are looking at is an all-around better option, that saves you tons of money and hassles, and at the same time gets you to some of the most awesome fishing holes! Good luck out there! Catch one for us!