June 14, 2024
Choosing the Right Horse

After watching a horse racing or polo event, you will notice that horses differ on how they ride. Yes, there are different riding styles, and this is carried deep into their genes. As a horse-riding enthusiast who has been sharpening their riding skills will agree, that the riding style of a horse, plays a crucial role.

As such, it is prudent to choose the right horse breed for your riding style. There are numerous breeds that you can choose from, but we have prepared the best for you. Read on.

Understand Your Riding Style

Some people are good at show jumping while others are good at dressage, eventing, endurance racing, or reining, among many others. After interacting with horses, you will notice that some breeds are better than others in these riding styles no matter how hard you train them.

Thus, it is up to you to first know the riding style that you are interested in before you look for that specific horse breed. Experts can help you to match these breeds with your current needs in a perfect way. It is better to work with them at all times.

· Reining and dressage – These two styles are not far from one another. Their goal is to achieve a more relaxed state of the horse. Thus, a lot of calm guiding is needed for this. It is also a riding style that is recommended for beginners. Cold and warm-blood horses are better in this style.

· Endurance racing – Just as the name sounds, the horse breed you choose for this should have stamina and the ability to ride for a long time under harsh conditions like the desert sun or winter conditions. According to the Mr.Iceland website, the overall health of the horse is crucial in this case. So, whether you go for a cold or hot-blooded horse breed depends on the region the horse will be used in. Ensure that you have the right horse for this.

· Racing – This is a sport that you will find anywhere. Numerous horse breeds are great candidates for this activity, but they have to be healthy and well-trained. When many horses are racing on a track, careful guidance is needed. Thus, your horse breed should have a combination of calmness, speed, and endurance. Research more to understand which breed works best for you in this case.

· Show-jumping – Horses that are suitable for this activity need to be very intelligent. Once they get trained, they can make calculations on how to jump over obstacles without touching them. Show-jumping does not need any endurance since the horse is not subjected to a lot of racing. Calmness and a high level of intelligence are highly valued. The rider guides the horse using a rope.


As you interact with horses more, you will realize that they are very interesting animals. The secret to becoming a big success in horse riding is knowing your riding style and getting one that is suitable for that. As mentioned, you have to work closely with experts.