June 14, 2024

If there is one thing that you should do if you are going for a shooting range, is to make sure your ears are protected to avoid your ears from getting damaged which could lead to further complications such as hearing impairment. I suppose you would not want to lose your hearing out of ignorance or lack of knowledge right? This article will give you a guideline on how you can protect your ears and how important it is to use the good hearing protection for shooting.

Reason for hearing protection:

The reason why you need to protect your ears is because they are very sensitive parts of your body. Very high volumes are harmful to your ears. Your ears can only take around 100 decibels. Any sound above that range becomes harmful to your ears and the ears only require seconds to explode.

A firearm on the other hand, produces more than 160 decibels and the waves of the sound combine with other sounds then bounce on the walls and as a result, they produce even a louder sound to your ears. Therefore it’s important to have good hearing protection while you are shooting because your ears need much protection from any possible damage from the noise.

The following are some of the best hearing protections for shooting and their importance;

1. Howard Leight Impact Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

This hearing protection lowers the level of the noise produced by a firearm and ensures the levels are safe for your ears. It also has microphones inside the ear muff that only take in 82 decibels of sound, and therefore you can also be able to hear other voices in your surrounding only if the voices are below the decibels you are hearing. If the voices are louder than the sound of the firearm, you cannot hear them.

2. Fnova Professional Ear Defenders

There are people who do not prefer the electronic ear muffs therefore this ear defender is the option for such people. This defender puts off more than 35 decibels of sound. The ear defenders are passive and therefore if you have them on while shooting, you will not hear any sounds from outside, you will only hear gunshots that have been muted.

3. 3M Peltor Sound-Trap Slim line Electronic Earmuff Tactical Handset Headband

There are electronics built in this ear muff that help to adjust the volume sound. The electronics measure the decibels of the noise, and if they find it too loud, they just amplify it and reduce the amount of sound that gets to your ears.

4. Ear Pro by Surefire 4 Sonic Defender Ear Plugs

This device has filters on the outer part that help to reduce the amount of noise and this protects your ears from getting damaged. There are also stoppers of the filters and you can open them if you want to hear the sounds from the outside.


In cessation, some of the devices discussed above are the best to use for hearing protection because they protect your ears from damage and prevent you from losing your hearing ability. You therefore, get to enjoy your shooting with your ears on the safe side.