June 23, 2024

Our good friend Dan over at In Search of Whitetails is having a little contest and it really has me thinking. If I lost all my hunting gear except my bow, what would I buy so I could get in the woods right away? Oh ya, I only have $200 to spend.

Alright I guess we need to figure things out first. Let’s just say that I am flying up to Canada for an early season deer hunt. I have the cloths on my back and the only thing that made the flight was my bow case. So I have everything I need to shoot. Now I just need to get stuff to help me on the hunt. Its early season so its still warm out. We don’t need to worry about cold weather gear. But depending on how you travel, you may need footwear? Wow, this might be tough. I hope there is a Walmart nearby. I guess I want to think about the absolute necessities first. I can shoot a deer, but what happens if I do shoot one. Oh ya, this is a self hunt, no guides. So if I shoot one, I need to process it. So my first purchase would be knife. The theme for this shopping spree is “cheap”. I can find a decent knife for $20. I think my next and probably the biggest purchase should be some boots. This is where it gets tricky. Everything else can be cheap generic stuff, but boots will either hurt you or help you. “What kind of hunting am I doing” is the main question. I don’t want to get to complicated on this, so I will say stand hunting with a half to one mile walk. So that makes things alot easier. We can get by with less than quality boots. But we are still looking at $40 for boots. How about some camo? That’s $20 for pants, $10 for a shirt, $5 for gloves and $5 for a mask. We are at $100 total out of our $200 limit so far. What’s next? How about scent control? Everyone has different thoughts on that, but we will keep it simple and grab a $10 bottle of that new 110% Scent Assassin stuff. That leaves us with $90. I think we can find a tree stand or a blind to hunt out for that. That’s it, we are all set to hunt.

That’s what I would with a bow and $200. Think about it? What would you do?
Head over to In Search Of Whitetails and join Dan’s contest and possibly win a new knife.