June 23, 2024

This time of year we always see story’s of tragedy in the hunting community. So I Googled treestand falls and was shocked at the amount of falls this year. In Illionis there have been 6, at least two in Pennsylvania, 2 fatalities in North Carolinaand countless others in New York, Indiana, Mississippi.
There seems to be one that puzzles me more and more each day.  With the safety advancement of the treestand harness I just don’t understand how these accidents like this are still happening.
More people are hurt falling from tree stands than any other type of hunting accidents, yet tree stand-related injuries are almost always avoidable.
Each treestand we buy comes with harness then there are the designer harnesses out there which have come down in price over the years. Not that your safety should ever have a price on it.
If you can’t afford a harness or your treestand did not come with one there are programs that supply harnesses like Harness for Hunters.
Not saying that the harness is a save all you can still have a bad outcome if the harness is not worn correctly or if you don’t use all the accessories that come with the harness. http://online.wsj.com/article/APd10c7ee04a8744ae852ea7dadf90081c.html
So next time you leave for that hunting trip and say good bye to your family make sure it’s not the last time and hook up that harness and make sure it fits correctly and all the accessory straps are there. We want you to enjoy the outdoors and come back to your family.  Hunt Safe!
Chris Travers