May 18, 2024
hunting basics
hunting basics
Photo courtesy of Kyle Campbell

Hunting is an excellent recreational activity that you can engage in or make it a bonding moment with your family. Also, wildgame meat is something to die for especially from deer and therefore if you want to have a taste of this forest delicacy why don’t you consider going for a hunt. If you are a starter, keep in mind that hunting is not an easy activity as there are few things that you need to learn to be able to know how to use your hunting weapons. Learn some hunting basics from Pew Pew Tactical guidebooks or from other sources to know how to shoot, how to track an animal and so on.

Other things that you need to know about hunting include;

A rangefinder makes our hunting job easy

A rangefinder is a device that is used for measuring the distance and accuracy between the animal and the hunter. This device is widely utilized by the professional hunters as it helps them to shoot accurately at the animal. Therefore, if you would like to make your hunting easy, consider investing in this excellent device to enable you in shooting and viewing the animals.

Stop at the noise

Know that animals especially the deer are extra sensitive and if you make any loud noises as you move they can easily hear you. So if you notice that your steps are too noisy or in the case where you make a loud noise near the animals, stop still for a while without making a sound. This helps keep the animals in one area and avoid scaring them too. Also, animals are highly sensitive, and they can easily smell your presence if you walk towards them.

Pick a landmark

Before you go hunting, you must have seen a potential area with your favorite animals for hunting. Therefore, ensure that you stick to this area when hunting as it makes your work easy and also helps you avoid confusion. Also moving in all directions may alert the animals hence making it easy to smell your presence. Mark all the features in the landmark such as the rocks, trees and also the bushes as it will help you find your way back.

hunting basics sneaking
Photo courtesy of Kyle Campbell

Move quietly

Note that hunting is not hiking and therefore you need to go extra slow to avoid awakening the animals. Sometimes it is quite difficult to measure the distance to move per minute or the time to stand too. Therefore in such a case, you can use a timer or your watch to set the time that you will stand still. This helps you to monitor your movement and also assist you to walk at a slow pace.

Stay protected

It is always important that you be prepared and safe when going to hunt especially in snow areas. Wear warm clothes and carry enough necessities like food and drinks. Remember you are not guaranteed to catch an animal on your hunting activities, and therefore it is always important to be prepared with your homemade food.