June 12, 2024

A good fishing rod is the most important part of a successful fishing trip. The deal becomes sweeter when you can actually place one in your backpack.

The importance of a telescopic fishing rod increases with popular demand for portability. From professional to the recreational angler, a telescopic fishing rod isn’t just a secondary tool anymore.

And they come in various sizes, from 20, even 30 feet in length. While the collapsible length stays a convenient couple of feet.

Now with modern state of the art construction method, these portable blanks can be found in graphite or a combination of different materials like graphite and carbon fiberglass blend.

7 qualities to look for the best telescopic rod

1. The length

Choosing the best length will depend on individual preference. Some people will choose a single piece telescopic rod, while others will go for dual or fully collapsible models.

The important aspect of the telescopic rod is how much is its retractable length. Let’s say you bought a rod that has a collapsible length of 1.5 feet and the extendable length is 9 feet.

A small collapsible length will ensure maximum portability. But it might affect casting distance, the number of line guides and quality of parts that might increase or decrease the overall performance of the telescopic rod.

2. Weight

Whenever this issue comes, we tend to think the lighter weight is better. But it’s not always the case. Sometimes lighter weight can be a sign of inferior construction material.

Be sure to check out the details before investing your hard earned dollar. Besides, telescopic rods have typically lightweight design. Make sure to buy a rod that uses technology to evenly balance and transfer weight across each part of the telescopic rod.

3. Eyelets

The guides are typically located from the tip to all the way to the reel seat. For all telescopic rods, it’s not always the same though. Sometimes they can be found on the bottom portion of the blank as well. Especially to those spinning telescopic rods.

These guides come either in plastic, metal or ceramic made. High-quality eyelets will ensure smooth line transition off the spool. So don’t forget to check out the eyelet material when you choose a telescopic rod.

4. Materials

Good construction material not only increases the lifespan of the telescopic rod but also allows it to perform better. Although different models will offer different types of materials.

If you go for fiberglass blanks with graphite and stainless steel reel seat, you’ll feel an overall balance and flexibility throughout the rod.

On the other hand, a telescopic rod built from carbon fiber is very durable. It has great pulling power, excellent for deep and heavy water fishing.

5. Action

The bending of the rod in different sections is called the rod action. There are mainly three primary actions to choose from.

  • Fast
  • Moderate
  • Slow

Other than these, there are a few actions available in between. Rod that flexes a little at the tip is fast action. When the rod flexes half of its length than that is called medium action. And slow action has the highest flexibility, from tip to the top of the reel seat.

6. The twist

Twist means whether the guides are staying aligned or not under stress. This is the most common problem a telescopic rod owner would face after some times of usage.

A good quality telescopic rod will never twist even if you test its limit. So the next time you finish your fishing session, don’t forget to give a look at the guide alignments. If it’s compromised, send the blank back for manufacturer warranty. Now don’t tell me you bought a telescopic rod without one!

7. The power

After you had a bite that is close to the lines weight limit, you’ll see the rod starts to bend slightly. That’s the rods power ratings. How much it took to bend.

Most of the telescopic rod offers medium to medium heavy power. This is enough to reel up a sizable catch but you might see its lacking in the sensitivity department.

Like is said at the beginning, your rods statistics will depend on your preferred fishing type. If sensitivity is your goal, then opt for lighter power telescopic rod.

In the end

These are the very least qualities that you should watch out for. I’ve seen pro anglers making a statement of how telescopic rods are kid stuff. And for most of the time, it’s true. Check out Fishingler for more reviews.

But many renowned manufacturers today have been producing upgraded telescopic rods which can make par with some of the top class typical fishing rods out there. For more fishing rod options, click here.

It may not act as a substitute for traditional fishing rods but, telescopic rods has it’s a place.