July 24, 2024
health benefits of camping

The Top 5 Health Benefits of Camping to Improve your Life

Article Written By; Terry Simpson Jr.,

health benefits of camping

The health benefits of camping can be an amazing thing. Not only is it proven to improve health, but it’s also actually fun. We all know that fun isn’t supposed to be good, right? We are not here to discuss the findings from The University of Studying Meaningless Things. Here we give you five reasons why camping is healthy and how you can benefit. Just imagine, you can improve your life by camping. Don’t start packing just yet. Finish reading this article first.
The Health Benefits of Camping
Most people don’t connect camping with health. However, the benefits are scientifically proven. Here is what we found.

#1- Oxygen from Fresh Air

health benefits of camping

Do you remember back in grade school learning about the creation process of oxygen? Well, to refresh your memory, green leaf plants like trees create oxygen from carbon dioxide. You can check out the details here.

So when you are out camping among the trees you are getting more oxygen than normal in your body. That extra oxygen causes your body produce the feel-good chemical called serotonin. In fact, low levels of serotonin are found in people suffering from depression.

So we can draw the conclusion that the health benefits of camping produce serotonin so you feel happy. Now you know why campers are always happy. And I thought it was the adult beverages all this time.

#2- Exercise While Camping

health benefits of camping

Camping gives you a cardiovascular workout by naturally exerting more energy. Collecting wood, cutting wood, setting up your site and everything else that goes with surviving in the woods.

Then, you add in activities like hiking, canoeing, or bike riding you get a good amount of exercise. These activities are great for burning calories and working the heart. No more workout videos, just go camping.

#3- Health Benefits of Camping in The Sunshine.

health benefits of camping

You may already know our bodies produce Vitamin D from sunlight exposure. This process is healthy and natural.

According to MindBodyGreen.com “The sun converts high cholesterol in the blood into steroid hormones and the sex hormones we need for reproduction. In the absence of sunlight, the opposite happens; substances convert to cholesterol.” Now that’s what I call a benefit. Maybe you should spend more time camping.

Back to the vitamin D effects on the body. Not only do we feel good but we look better with a little tan. But that isn’t the best part. Vitamin D causes the body to absorb calcium and phosphorous. We need that for strong, healthy teeth and bones.

#4-Suffers from Insomnia Rejoice

health benefits of camping

Our everyday life and work expose us to a lot of blue light from devices, computers, television, and room lighting. This blue light reduces the body’s production of melatonin, a molecule that regulates the sleep cycle.

When we go camping, the light yellow from outside increases the production of melatonin. This process is why we are sleepier after the sun goes down. Our body is returning to the natural sleep cycle controlled by the sun.

Campfire is another source of yellow light. Ever wonder why it’s so easy to fall asleep watching the fire at night. Well, now you know. Light ‘em up people.

#5- In-Person Socializing Instead of Digital.

health benefits of camping

There are not very many people that go camping alone. Most of the time camping is an activity that intentionally involves the family and friends. It’s how we get together.

As found on ScientificAmerican.com “Through social interactions alone, the young can pass some of their vigor on to the elderly, improving the older generation’s cognitive abilities and vascular health and even increasing their life span.”

Socializing has been shown to extend your lifespan. Socializing can also delay memory problems in the elderly.

So enjoy the medical benefits of a few close relationships that make life fun.

Camping Has Fringe Benefits

So there you have the top 5 health benefits of camping. We all knew camping was fun and now you know it’s healthy. So throw out those “Sweatin’ With The Oldies” videos and take the family camping. See you out there.

health benefits of campingTerry Simpson Jr

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