July 16, 2024

byb led headlamp

Good afternoon everyone, today’s outdoor product review is for the BYB LED Headlamp. It is a small and lightweight headlamp. Before I get to the review though I need to include the product disclaimer, I know what a bummer.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the BYB LED Headlamp for free from BYB as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.

byb led headlampThank goodness that is done. Now I can review the BYB LED Headlamp. The BYB LED Headlamp can be used for hunting, fishing, camping and hiking. The outdoor uses are unlimited. As I explained in the beginning, it is small and very lightweight. In fact, it came in a box about half the size of a men’s wallet. The BYB LED Headlamp boasts the following features:

  • Polyester Fabric Headband
  • High Light, Low Light, Red Light, White light & Red light strobe
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Water Resistant

Of course the first thing I noticed was how lightweight it is. Anyone who has wore headlamps either at work or in the field understand how a heavier headlamp becomes uncomfortable after a while. When they matched it with the very comfortable headband, wearing the BYB LED Headlamp for long periods is not an issue.

byb led headlamp

As mentioned before, the BYB LED Headlamp comes with 4 settings and are controlled from a single push button located on the top of the unit. When you first click the headlamp on it is on the high setting. The second click sets the headlamp on the low setting. The third click sets the headlamp to a double red light setting. The fourth click sets the headlamp at the combined white and red strobe light.

byb led headlamp
The high beam setting provides an ample amount of light for performing any outdoor activity in the dark. The low setting would more for performing tasks closer to you in the dark. The double red light is great for doing things in the dark where you do not want your night vision compromised. Of course, you will want your night vision set before using the red light. If you go from the high or low setting first and then go straight to the red light, the red light will not seem adequate until your eyes adjust to the night. The strobe light is great as an emergency beacon or even as an alert light for others to recognize you when hiking or even bike riding.

byb led headlamp

The BYB LED Headlamp takes (3) AAA batteries. Simply unclip the back of the lamp unit, insert the batteries and close the compartment back up. A word of warning, the compartment takes a little extra effort to close all the way. If you do not take the extra caution, the compartment will not close tightly. I also wonder how long the latch on the battery compartment will last. It is a pretty slim piece of plastic that could break at any time using the extra force to close. This is the only weak part of the light as far as I am concerned.

I like the BYB LED Headlamp. It provides the necessary lighting needed for hands free functioning in all my great outdoor activities.

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Have a great day and enjoy the outdoors,
Tim Collins.